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Encountering and Conflict Essay

Conflict is an inevitable event that occurs through stages of life; whether it’s individual or society, conflict is bound to happen at one point in time. Conflict is an outbreak that occurs when two sides are having different viewpoints and opinions. As a community, we as a whole have to find ways in which we can get along and work together. If we are not considering the issue seriously, that very small spark of conflict occurs within the community can in turn collapse the community. Recently, there has been a brutal attack on a man in the streets of London.

It was referred by the media outlets that it was a terrorist act. No doubt an individual that commits crimes of violence at that extent would be named terrorising, but not necessarily does it mean an act of terrorism. Most crimes are committed but aren’t named ‘terror’, so what makes this incident a ‘terrorism’ one. Tragic events like these gradually softens the bond of the community, as innocent citizens are more aware of dangers they might have to experience and that anyone around them in the community, can be potential attackers. If this continues and no one is stopping it, the whole community will fall apart.

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In ‘paradise road’, there was a scene that depicts the affect that it has on the community; the community falling apart. It portrays an Asian lady named Wing, who produces black-market items for people in her camp, just purely from her kindness. Wing has a tragic ending; when she was caught by the Japanese and was lit on fire in front of all ladies, who are prisoners to acts as a warning to all who dares to disobey. Everyone stood in silence, not a single word came out of anyone’s’ mouth, because they were all speechless. In a case of debating, the Muslim community was involved.

The debate was the key in tearing the community apart due to un-meaningful topic like, ‘who is and is not a good Muslim’. A celebration of the annual Buhari feast/alms was held at Rahuman masjid Mosque and has been held for over 130 years now. This is the day where Muslim people would bring food including dishes that has meat and vegetable in it. The food is then to be distributed among the community. This celebration shows a link between the Muslim communities and is a way to express peace.

But unfortunately, not long after the festivities ended, men armed with weapons which include knives and axes went on a ampage through Rahuman masjid Mosque and brutally attacking innocent people who’s in their path. This tragic incident ruins peoples’ lives and defeats the purpose of the festival what’s aim to bring peace. This very incident is the reason why the community is tearing apart. Encountering conflict within the community is an inevitable event that only creates chaotic problems and harsh consequences is what it brings. It is without a doubt an issue we don’t want to experience, but this tragic events will occur; whether we want it or not.

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