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Emotions of an Artificial Intelligence Essay

Technology, as time passes by, becomes more and more advanced. With its growth and development comes further discoveries and technical explorations such as the improvements of making human-like robots and maybe ultimately, androids. Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode “The Measure of a Man” poses questions that are slowly yet surely moving its way through our system; Would there be an artificial intelligence of Data’s level in the future? And if there would, would we have to treat them equally as humans?

Personally, I believe that such extreme level of A. I would not be possible even after several centuries passed. The current progress in the humanoid robot-making industry, such as the development of Honda’s Asimo, shows that we can indeed produce high level humanoids that can imitate real people. However, their intelligence would always be limited. Even if we could make them highly cognitive, they might never be able to acquire the ability to really have emotions.

Neither might they be able to aspire for deep personal relations like Star Trek’s Data. But if such A. I. exists, are we supposed to treat them like humans? While I believe that they are still robots and therefore inferior to man, their natural creators, I also believe that every hand work that we do is God-given. By that, a humanoid of such complexity should be given almost equal rights to ours, restricted only at crucial times.

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