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Effects Of Blitz On Everyday Life Assignment

The blitz was an attempt to destroy morale of the British public and industry and the transport. I will be looking at the emotional effect and physical effect on the morale of Britain. The Blitz effected everybody in every way. Every major town was attacked and ports were also attacked. London was bombed every night which made people very unhappy, it caused aggression because people ahd to find a place to stay most people stayed in the underground train station, this may of caused disease because of so many people in one place.

It caused many deaths like in one place people were trying to get into a under ground station but people got trampled. The Blitz caused physical emotion for some people like the home guards for ever putting out fires and helping those in needs. When Buckingham palace was bombed on the 13th of September 1941 it showed that no one was not suffering the royal family could of just left but they stayed in Britain that showed solidarity this made people feel better it showed the royal family were not afraid.

People tried to protect themselves in many different ways some where the Anderson shelters, the Anderson was outside in the ground but it was getting weak they showed it by getting a boxer to punch a hole into it also it was small and cramped. The Morrison was no better it was a cage built around the kitchen table but did have some advantages like being inside so it was a lot warmer and may have been a bit smaller it offered little protection but was for those who had no garden.

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The Blitz did create some jobs like fireman and air-raid wardens the would be on call 24 hours a day because as soon as a plain was spotted he had to warn people about it would of made people go mad and be very scared. The constant bombing cities had left a big impact on the cities of the British public. The bombing destroyed many homes and cities. In Coventry 4000 people were killed in one air-raid it lasted ten ours clever people moved to the countryside to escape the bombing.

People would of got a brake from it a time to rest mentally and physically. Air-raid precautions were enforced by the air-raid wardens the would walk around looking for light and made sure everyone had a pump or a bucket of sand and to no how many people were inside the house. If anyone was wrong a i?? 150 fine or prison was giving to people this would make people be more scared than they were already.

Although the government wanted to show everyone that everything was ok but really it wouldn’t ok people began looking and hysteria broke out in a small places but ordinary people did not see this because of censorship by the government. My conclusion, the effects of the blitz on everyday life was that it effected everybody no matter who it was it was hard on everybody, people were going crazy ova the Blitz.

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