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Drug addiction Assignment

The topic I would like to focus on in my research is drug addiction. Drug addiction affects millions of lives both directly and indirectly. First off I would like to discuss some general information on what can be described as drug addiction (such as the literal dictionary definition) along with some facts about drug addiction (such as statistics about how many people I effects world wide) and who is susceptible to becoming addicted to drugs along with characteristics of both a drug addict and someone who has the potential of becoming a drug addict.

Next, I wish to discuss the difference between drug addiction and drug abuse and whether they are both similar or completely separate from each other. If they are similar what are the characteristics of drug abuse and drug addiction. Also what are the physical effects of drug addiction and what are the psychical effects of drug abuse , and also if any; what are the psychological effects that might accompany both the abuse of drugs and the addiction to drugs. This of course will all be dependent upon whether or not there is any correlation between the two or if they are in fact completely different.

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From here my research would be very straight forward giving examples of drug addiction based on what I find in my research, using the scholarly articles I read to both compare and contrast it to other’s definition of drug addiction; while hoping to find a logical happy medium in what could be characterized as a drug addiction along with the psychological and physical ramification of drug addiction. I intend for this paper to be not a persuasive tool but rather a an unbiased view for my own knowledge about exactly what is drug addiction, and how it affects a person both psychologically, and physically.

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