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Drop the weapon Assignment

‘Drop the weapon! ‘ a loud shout comes from the den in the cold damp house. Its cold and raining, it hasn’t weeks and the city can repent again. A small, thin man is huddled over a cold and frightened child, ‘You don’t know what its like’ both the man and the child are crying like infants reborn, then the officer walks up cautiously; with his weapon in his hand he paces himself. The last thing the officer wants is this scene to be on the news tomorrow, but he knew inevitably as happening as we speak. In curiosity the officer ponders what this man is doing; the small man shoves the boy a across the sofa and stands up.

You don’t know what its like! ‘ sobbing while he presses his 45 across his chest. ‘My life has been nothing but a life of shit’ having a firm grasp of his weapon, he wings the officer in the left shoulder. Lying down helplessly all the officer can do is watch the small man staring at him. ‘I guess if you don’t know who will’ the small thin man puts his pistol across his neck then fires. The officer still on the ground is shocked in disbelief; he musters his strength to get up to look at the man. ‘Damn it, why? ‘ he keeps on thinking to himself ‘Damn it Timothy. ‘

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There is a couple ways to describe Timothy Wilson; with a very rare skin disease, Tim has lived a rough and hard life. Always being calm and polite with people, what they didn’t know is that Tim had another side to him. Timothy is an orphan, his parents died when he was only four and being tossed from foster home to foster home didn’t help either. When families saw Timothy they adored him,’ What a sweet kid’ was the most common thing said upon him. Timothy did what average children did, played with the other children in the block, even though they didn’t want to associate with him because of his disease.

So, what would make this poor child alternate foster homes? All the homes Timothy has been in, the parents saw his unwilling deep and dark side. When Timothy was six he was watching TV, the usual Saturday morning cartoons, when his foster father asked him to help with him with the house. Fuck you drooled out of his mouth. With shock, the parents were standing there wondering what to do. They thought with enough love and care they could fix the boys potty mouth, but once again, that’s not true.

The family dropped off Timothy at the group home. This same trend has been going on for years, it got to the point that the other children in the group home called him ‘pinball’. Timothy hated this name, but because of his passive demeanor he would let it slide for years. The name pinball was started by a young 12 year-old boy named Gabriel; Gabriel noticed that Timothy was bald and was placed in new homes about twice a year, that’s where the brewed up the name Pinball. When Timothy was 16 he was placed in his last foster home.

What Timothy didn’t know was that his foster dad was a recovering alcoholic. One day his father decided to hit the bottle again, he called Timothy,’ You fucking bald ass retard, your nothing but shit. ‘ Timothy was paralyzed, with nothing to say he started laughing. His laughing turned into crying then he picked up a near by lamp and smashed his father in the temple, almost killing him. Timothy wisent charged for anything, in matter of fact it was the group home’s fault that they didn’t do a firm enough back round check on the family before sending him.

Timothy tried to live a normal life, his biggest struggle was high school. Of course he was picked on, people were calling him by his god awful nickname, pinball. Tim had no friends, everybody disassociated with him, even the teachers. Timothy was accustomed to getting his ass kicked every week, and once again his passive nature pulled though; he never reported these beatings to anyone. There was one time that someone cared for Timothy’s well being, her name was Amanda, she was a 18 year-old with fair skin, beautiful smile, and gorgeous eyes.

Timothy was in awe, he never had this feeling for anyone in his life, it got to the point that he was too scared to ask her out. Timothy and Amanda were best of friends, it got to the point that Timothy was obsessed with her, he got possessive, to a sickening degree. What Timothy didn’t know is that she was dating his life long child hood bully, Gabriel. When he found out he was ballistic, he was trying to keep all his emotions inside, until they were bottles up. Finally Timothy graduated, helpless in society, he decided to run the group home is was grew up in.

The director has always had a soft spot for Timothy, the 85 year-old man had the same problem he did when he was younger, the only difference is that polio ruined his hope finding a home. Time had passed, Timothy now the new director of the group home and finally found his calling. The old man passed on when Timothy was 20 and he was loaded with responsibility, he had never been so happy in his life. All the children adore Timothy, they follow him all over the house wondering what he is going to do next. Everything is going great, until…

Five years ago Timothy grew a bond with a one of the children, his name was Peter. Peter is autistic, he was usually quiet but would mimic things that Timothy did, in matter of fact Timothy was his role model. Timothy got a message on his answering machine, it was a familiar voice, but he couldn’t pinpoint who it was. On the message it was a couple who wanted to set up an appointment to see if they could get a child. A couple weeks pass, Timothy was waiting as his desk when he was surprised to see Amanda and Gabriel.

Gabriel walks up and gives Timothy a handshake and says, ‘Well, inset this a coincidence, how is it going pinball? ‘ Timothy stairs at him directly in the eyes with a cold void, then he finally responds, ‘Its going good, I’m the new director of this home, in matter of fact I’m surprised to see you, what are you doing here? ‘. ‘Well, Amanda and I got married 9 years ago, but unfortunately we can’t conceive. ‘ Gabriel stairs at the floor disappointed. Timothy responds, Ahhh… its nothing to be ashamed about, I have many couples who can’t; was there any children you were interested in having as your son or daughter? Amanda looks up at Timothy, ‘Yes, we thought that Peter was a really nice boy’.

Timothy was pondering, ‘Hmmmmm… nice choice, Peter is a great kid, but he’s autistic, are you ok with that? ‘ ‘Oh, of course. ‘ Replied the two. ‘Alrighty, all just get all the paperwork together, then ill call you when the CPS ok’s it. Well its nice to see you both again. ‘ Quoted Timothy. Amanda and Gabriel get up and leave the beautiful Victorian house. Timothy was watching the two get into their car through the office window. Thinking to himself, he thought he made a horrible decision. What the fuck was I thinking? Gabriel, the same Gabriel who gave me my horrible name, the one who picked on me when I was a child, and the one who stole my true love. Oh shit, this cant happen’. Its 10:35, Timothy was beat, when he fell asleep he heard something he gets up and looks around. ‘Who’s there? ‘ no one responds. Out of nowhere he hears a voice ‘Kill the fuckers! ‘ Who is that?!?! Timothy looks around. ‘Its me, pinball’. Timothy flips out, so he heads down to the office looking over Amanda and Gabriel’s file.

Checking out the address, Timothy decides to go have a chat with them tomorrow morning. Timothy finally goes to sleep, tossing a turning he’s dreaming about his past, he gets up and writes something on a piece of paper, then he heads for his car. He pulls up to their house and opens his trunk and brings out his tire iron. Timothy heads up to the door and knocks. Amanda answers, ‘Timothy? What are you doing here? ‘ Timothy looks at her. ‘ Why didn’t you love me? ‘ Amanda was confused, ‘Do you know its 3 in the morning Tim? ‘ ‘Just answer me damn it! ‘ he shouted.

Amanda was scared, then she finally replied, ‘Cause I was in love with Gabriel, I liked you as a friend but I was never attracted to you’. ‘That’s what I thought. ‘ said Timothy. He gripped his tire iron and clubs Amanda in the side. Amanda’s screaming woke up Gabriel, when he got to the door he saw a note, it stated one thing… pinball. Gabriel grabs his gun and heads over to the group home. Timothy was in the den of the house, watching peter sleep, he whispers into his ear, ‘If I can have you, no one will, I don’t want you life fucked up like nice’.

Timothy heads up to his room, and grabs his gun, then heads down. Timothy was writing his last will and testament waiting for Gabriel to come by. Knock, knock, knock ‘SFPD, open this damn door pinball! ‘ it was Gabriel’s voice, Timothy was freaking out and sees that Peter woke up. Gabriel breaks open the door, while Timothy has hugging Peter. Gabriel was Timothy, he was armed with a colt 45, then Gabriel shouts out, ‘Drop the Weapon! ‘ Gabriel was Peter, he was knocked out. He searched around the house a little bit more until he saw a letter, it was for him.

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