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Dominated countries in the world trade business Essay

Throughout the years, different countries have influenced and dominated the world by being superior in terms of commerce and trade. Taking this in regard, it is understandable how these countries have taken over and become highly influential in global affairs. Over the past twenty years or so, there has been a change of the domination of the world spectrum as we keep developing as a whole. Countries that had no significance in our past has now became global powers and are a part of the powerful economy we know today.

So, it’s not hard to believe that the 21st century is going to be dominated by Asian countries, therefore making the 21st century known as the Asian century. Many have predicted that this generation’s economic growth, politics and possibly religion will all be by Asian countries, especially China, India, and Japan. To support this, I will be discussing the growing economic power of these Asian countries and their influence on the world, Asia’s impact on pop culture as well as cultural practices and their political influence in major international organisations.

China has dominated the world trade business from the very beginning of the 21st century, but it’s not the only country that is leading the start of the Asian century prophecy. Another dominant force in the world is India, which has been growing rapidly. It is predicted that by Over the past decade, investments have continued to increase and the economy is striving. Both China and India have become major influencers of the world trade business because of the quantity of goods they export and the total amount they utilize due to the high levels of population in both countries.

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In 2011 Asian Development Bank (ADB) conducted a study titled Realising the Asian Century. In this study, the outcome concluded that an additional 3 billion Asians could enjoy living in similar conditions to those in the Western world today and by 2050 Asia will double its share of global GDP to 52%, thus regaining its powerful economic position it held 300 years ago before the industrial revolution. With its tremendous human and natural resources, plus what is presently held to be the world’s fastest growing economy, China will continue to increase its geopolitical and economic influence (David Scott, 2008) It was found that as of 2009, most newly industrialised cities were seen in Asian countries.

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