Disney Land - Assignment Example

After months of planning, weeks of rehearsing and hours of travelling, walking out of the door of the train station was a dream I’d been having for weeks. The excitement rushing through us all was about to explode. Seeing all the little children running around. The trees and buses look completely different to home. It’s Disney Land. We’re not just visitors for the weekend though. A parade, a dance show and back stage passes meant we were employees for the weekend. Walking was really hard. Especially after travelling for nine hours, mostly, sitting down, which meant the bottom of my back hurt and my legs were wobbly.

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Ignoring all of this, excitement was all I could think of. Hearing the screams of the people on tower of terror and seeing the famous ears of Mickey Mouse made all the stress from home just melt away. At the hotel, waiting felt even longer then it ever had done. We were staying at the Cheyenne hotel. It looked descent for saying it was a country and western theme. Bullhorns hung above the doors, hotel rooms went down streets of dusty roads, in old-fashioned buildings. It looked real… until you Saffy and Isobel running around chasing each other for a Nintendo DS.

Issy, my best friend and her sister, Saffy, are eights years apart in age but identical. Both stick thin with mousey blonde hair. They both have enough energy to run a marathon. Issy and Saffy always wear the same clothes, today they are in three quarter jeans, a long flowing top and white bowed shoes. “Let’s go on this. ” “No, I want to go on this ride! ” “No, We’ve got to go on this first. ” The arguments Issy and Saffy have are unbelievable. “We haven’t even been given our passes to the park yet! ” Was all I could snap After 5 minutes of their screaming down one ear and shout down the other by little children.

The hustle and bustle of fifty people trying to get a room was tougher then we thought. Faye, our dance teacher, was sat on the step out side the hotel reception trying to sort out our rooms. You couldn’t miss the concentration on her face with her new short brown hair only just covering her ears. All I’ve ever seen her in is a leotard and trousers, so her in jeans and a purple top was strange to me. With our passes and our hotel key Issy and I got away from everyone. Tomorrow with them was going to be stressing enough, so I couldn’t do three days in a row with them.

Walking down to the bottom of main street, was the most nervous I have ever felt. What if it wasn’t as good as people make it out to be? A let down. A wash out. A place with only one good side for the pictures. Well… it wasn’t! Looking down Main Street was like looking at bees in a honey nest, you couldn’t see the pavement it was that busy. But never the less it was magical. The colours. The lights. The music. Fantastic! Every corner and every side street was amazing. Looking up to the castle made you feel as small as an ant, it looked like someone lived there.

The baby pink castle had pointed blue towers, and not forgetting Tinkabell on top she looked magnificent. Tinkabell looked small from the ground but with the size of the castle she was properly bigger than me. “Wake up everyone, come on. We’re late. ” Faye was running around grabbing everyone and shaking us up. Show day. Getting up and having breakfast was quite important for a show day but there was no need to be up at 7am! However without arguing I got up and went down to breakfast. I only got into something comfy, no point getting ready just yet. But breakfast wasn’t on my mind.

All I was thinking about was not being late for the show. I’d imagined backstage being just as good as the park. With people rehearsing for the daily parade and big costumes hanging out ready to be put on. No. Think portable changing rooms and toilets with no locks. Magical? I think not. Getting changed in to costume was really hard as there were thirty people getting changed in a ten-foot by ten-foot room with only four mirrors. Then I had a smart moment and went into the back room to use the mirrors in there. “Thirty seconds! ” Everyone was jumping up and down screaming with nerves.

A peek out side to see all the seats were full and people standing at the back meant there were over one hundred and fifty people there. For the last five seconds we were all stood checking out hair and costumes. The lights dimmed and the winged curtains pulled open. It was happening. The show was starting. I was half way through me dream holiday, hearing people cheering, and others talking to each other was distracting me made it that little bit harder to remember the steps. The rush of the show went so quickly. The next thing I knew I was stood out side the gate ready to start the parade. There were other school there.

France and Spain. It felt quite intimidating to se them look at us and talk in another language. The music started and the gates opened. The magic of the park was back. The entire park was watching. we started marching. I turned around to see the big dungeon gates shut with an almighty bang. There was no going back now. I had to do it. To see people smiling made me feel alive and energetic. No one danced we all just skipped, smiling and laughing with our arms flapping everywhere. After the end of the parade I was shaking. It was over a years worth of planning was over in a matter of twenty minutes. But it was worth it.