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Discrimination Against Girls Worldwide Assignment

As far as we know it girls have not been considered equal to boys in the eyes of the world. Mothers of the girls and girls themselves get punished harshly for a girl child which is not in their control but in fact it’s in the control of the father of the child and he is usually the one giving severe punishments to both mother and daughter. Most people of the world do not know that a man’s sperm is the decider of the gender of the child and it has nothing to do with the mother.

Girls are treated unfairly for the reasons of family lineage, dowry, government and income. People in India usually abort or kill the girl child for the reason of dowry or family lineage. Family lineage is a big thing for many people, and since boys carry the family lineage, and name they are more important. Another reason why boys are more respected than girls is that for a girl’s marriage her family must pay dowry to her next family. Most families cannot afford this and some that can don’t wish to. Whereas for a son, they earn dowry when he gets married.

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Another factor is that in China there is a law that each family can only have one child. So, obviously Chinese people wish to have a son over a daughter, so that the son, once grown up can take care of his elderly parents, while daughters are sent to take care of their husband’s families. It is also considered that sons will grow up and provide an income for the family. In most cases girls are aborted before they are born, if by chance they have come into the world, then may be killed, tortured, or even treated like a servant all their lives.

You would think this discrimination would have ended regarding how far the world has come. But no, discrimination against girls is still continuing in many parts of the world. Despite all the things girls have done to prove themselves and their confidence and power, regarding the fact they do everything guys do and more they still aren’t considered equal to boys. Hopefully, there will arise a day where no girl will ever have to suffer any discrimination just for being a girl.

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