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Disappearance of Our Planet Essay

In this article we have discuss on how we have influenced our natural environment. Our natural environment has being eg; Polluted with the mount of rubbish we have dumped in our ocean which cause water pollution. Deforestation has being a worst nightmare for the animals that live in that habitat. Recycling, is a good thing to help save the earth, from reducing; paper, bottles,cardboard etc, without damaging it from polluting and cutting down trees. Pollution has been a very big concern in our environment. This has been caused by people who are always throwing trash anywhere, making the way waste is disposed in land, water and air.

It has been causing deaths for the poor marine animals ,everyday loads of dirty water come out from factories that causes problems for us and the ocean animals. Mostly, cargo dump rubbish to empty it in the ocean and people also throw rubbish in the river which that can lead to the ocean and might harm the organisms. Sea animals might try to chew the rubbish, thinking it is food , so it might choke and die. If this is decreasing fish population. Later, most animals will lose an important source of food and later if all types of fish become extinct then the animals won’t have any food to eat they will all also become extinct.

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Today , recycling has been taking care of our environment is a big thing. While the best idea is to reuse our wastes, which usually often cannot be done. Recycling has been only way to recycle paper, glass bottles, plastic bottles , cardboard etc. When the recycling truck collects the rubbish, it takes it to the factories to sort them out. After they sort them out they use some of the material to make it new again. If you love arts and crafts (like me) you would love to use those bottles lids,cardboard etc, you would be able to make something out of it instead of throwing them away.

Plastic Bottle Island was once made on the 15th February 2012. A British man has taken home recycling to paradise by building his own Eco-island out of plastic bottles. If this keeps going on very well later ,the world wouldn’t have lots of piles of waste not know what to do with it. So lets all recycle and don’t throw them anywhere on the ground. Deforestation is a major cause of climate change. It releases huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere to the greenhouse effect. Deforestation and forest degradation are both a cause and a result of climate change.

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and use it to grow, but when they burn the carbon dioxide is released again. Human species cut down trees for more space to build houses and factories. Mostly, they cut down the trees to make paper, each year at least a quarter of a forest gets cuts down for more space. Each bit we destroy, the organisms that live there they will lose their habitat easily. According to the World Resources Institute, more than 80 percent of the Earth’s natural forests already have been destroyed. Up to 90 percent of West Africa’s coastal rain forests have disappeared since 1900.

Since the deforestation is a major problem we should a lest help save the forest by helping them planting new types of trees and the later , we should put the native animals back to where they live. In conclusion, Pollution and Deforestation are bad for our environment. If we keep polluting the ocean later the ocean won’t have any living animals left. If deforestation keeps going on later in the future there won’t be any more forest left, even there might not be even a single tree. If we keep recycling we would be able keep the earth clean.

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