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Detailed study of Silas Marner Assignment

My chapter happens just after the most important chapter in the whole of the Novel. It is the chapter after Silas finds Eppie in his cottage. This is a turningpoint in the story because after Eppie arrives, Silas no longer grieves over his stolen money and becomes more social. The chapter I am studying is called “Silas brings the child to the red house”. In this chapter Silas brings Eppie to Godfreys house where the new years evening party is being held. He asks for the doctor because in the previous chapter he had found a women lying unconscious in the snow.

Godfrey had secretely been married to a women called molly and had a child. When Silas Brings the little girl to his house Godfrey recognises her and realises that the women Silas found must be the girls mother, Molly. Godfrey rushes out to make sure that the women was dead because if she was he could then marry Nancy Lammeter. The women is dead and later on when he returns to the party at the red house he proposes to Nancy. He doesn’t own up to the fact that he was married to Molly and that the little girl is his child. Silas decides he wants to keep Eppie and calls her Eppie after his mother.

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The novel was Published in 1861 but was set much earlier in the 1780’s in the middle of the Victorian period. The town where most of the novel is set is called Raveloe. In small towns like this there is normally a social ladder. The richest people would own most of the cottages and rent them out to other people living in the village. In this story the Cass’s were the richer people. Silas rents a small cottage when he moves to Raveloe from Lantern yard. Poorer people like Silas couldn’t afford much and lived of mostly Bread and vegetables. People like this made a living by farming and different trades. Silas was a weaver.

The book is set before the industrial revolution so there were no factories for people to work in. Silas is very lonely until Eppie comes into his life because after he was accused of stealing in Lantern yard he stopped trusting people and kept himself to himself when he moved to Raveloe. He had no family so when Eppie appeared he was desperate to keep her because he was so lonely and she replaced the money he had stolen from him. “No, No I can’t part with it, I can’t let it go I’ve a right to keep it” This line shows how much he wants to keep Eppie and that he cannot bear to be alone for much longer.

When Silas wants to he can be confident. In the first part of the Novel he seems quite shy, but when he goes to the new years eve party at the red house with Eppie he doesn’t care if all the people at the party find him strange and isn’t shy when he tells everybody that he wants to keep the child. Silas was very religious before he was accused of stealing because he attended a very strict church. After the drawing of the lots when he was found to be guilty, he lost his faith in god. He stopped going to church and didn’t even go to a new church in Raveloe.

When Eppie is brought to him he begins to have more faith in God again because he thought that she was a replacement of the stolen money from God. In this chapter Godfrey is Happy that his wife is now dead and that Silas wants to keep the child because he no longer has to support his unwanted family and can now start a new one with Nancy Lammeter. Godfrey still wants the best for Eppie though because he doesn’t quarrel with Silas and take her to the red house and he even gives Silas some money to help him raise her.

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