Design for Database - Assignment Example

These are the different software’s that is best to use.

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* Microsoft word- has the ability to produce invitation inserts (cards).

It has a quicker method called ‘mail merge’ this is a faster way of creating inserts by merging a letter with a database of name and addresses. The name and address of the person will be different.

* Microsoft publisher-is purposely designed to produce certain things like invitation inserts (cards),. It can include borders, clipart and detail information for the wedding.

* Microsoft excel-spread sheet package, specialized for producing tables, it takes the form of a grid cell into which you can input figures and formulas (extra option) also does repetitive sums excel is also excellent for producing graphs and charts form a set of data. It will be a good software to use.

* Microsoft access-this package Is suitable for my tasks because it contains all the important information which really need, I could use it to produce a insert by using reports. It also automatically does my invitation inserts. Access is also secure it is hard to lose documents.

For my task I have chosen Microsoft word because it is suitable software which can produce inserts and address labels, it also has the fastest method (mail merge) to use, which is transferring a database form into a form which I could use for my invitation inserts.

It can also make it attractive very professional and clearly readable. I prefer to use it because it has been specially made to perform this type of jobs. It also automatically does my invitation inserts

To carry out my task I will start by

Firstly getting the tables which contain the actual invitation inserts. Afterward I will use the help of the mail merging process to convert the table contents into my invitation card form. I will then use the help of clipart, fanciful colors, borders and etc, to help me produce what my invitation card will look like. After making it I will test it to see of it has the right requirements, whatever the results I will then decided how o improve it.