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Define fact and give two examples Essay

In simple terms the word fact can be defined as a thing that has extensive prove that it is true. In most cases facts are more specific and articulated as opposed to application of theories. Basically, a fact is something that can be proved to be real.

Compound facts

This implies a true statement which shows about reality in relation to complex of properties, places and objects among others. For instance, the statement Washington, D.C. is the capital city of United States shows the reality that can be found on the ground. The fact here is that the country US has chosen a place known as Washington, D.C to be its capital centre.

Fact–value distinction

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This implies several true statements which show the real case at the ground. A good example is that one oxygen atom together with two hydrogen atoms are the main components of a water molecules.
In most cases Fact–value distinction is used in the social science as it helps to explain the existence of certain concepts.


Value can refer to the deepest sentiments, ideals and beliefs individuals pledge to. It is a meaningful belief, mission or philosophy. Values are believed to have power and can influence individual’s actions and results.

According to LeMahieu (59), value liberates remarkable happiness, success and accomplishments. Accomplishments and success is achieved through intense aspiration and focusing on personal values. Value or values plays an essential role in the life of individuals since they are powerful in dictating the end results for various individual’s undertakings. In a philosophical perspective, a value is meaningful and is responsible in defining the behavior and character of an individual (LeMahieu, 59). Notably, a value is responsible of impacting on person’s conduct, attitude and plays a crucial role as they act as guidelines in various situations in life.

A good example of a value is commitment. Commitment is a common value that focuses on attention in doing things in life. In this case, commitment helps an individual to be focus and ensure maximum attention to his or her activities in order to ensure success and accomplishment. For instance, it is through the power of commitment as a value that most famous people cling to the top positions in the society. Commitment in this case enables such people to realize their dreams and aspirations despite handles on their way.

The other perfect example of a value is trust. This value involves an individual having faith in another one especially when conducting a joint venture or an activity. This value helps to give more chances or opportunities for the individuals involved and thus enable them to accomplish their mission in a particular activity. Trust helps people to work as a team or a group. In conclusion, values can be identified as vital aspects in individual lives while ensures realization of ones aspirations.

What is the main distinction between facts and values?

The main distinction is that facts are based on collection of knowledge whereas values are mostly delivered from the subjective reasoning concerning ethics. Therefore, facts are more into objectivity as compared to values which are more concerned to subjective element.
What might this mean for morality?

Basically, morality is more related to normative as compared to descriptive. Therefore, morality is more related to values as compared to facts because of its aspect of being normative.


LeMahieu, Michael. Fictions of Fact and Value: The Erasure of Logical Positivism in American Literature, 1945-1975. , 2013. Print.

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