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Dangerous Driving Habits Assignment

I believe drivers today drive more careless then in the past. Sure people have always eaten, put on make-up and yelled at their children, but I believe cell phones play a big part in dangerous driving habits. Keeping their eyes on what’s going on around them just isn’t important as answering that text. I would say just about every time I get in the car I can guarantee that I will someone on their phone while they are driving. Concentration needs to be the main focus while driving. I left the house for a drive to the store.

I got behind a car that was going a lot slower than the speed limit. I kept thinking to myself “This car needs to get moving”. Finally we got to a point where the street went from one lane to two lanes. I started to pass the car and when I looked at the driver what did I see, she was using her knee to steer the car and she was texting on her phone. She kept looking up then back at her phone. I’m pretty sure she was more focused on what she was texting then what was happening around her.

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I sped past her to get away; I definitely didn’t be the person that she could possibly swerve into. I see the commercials about these drivers that have died from texting and driving and it scares me. You see the text that they were trying to send and you think to yourself that it could have been prevented. Today’s generation of drivers, for some reason, find it more important to focus more on their phone than anything else. They just don’t understand the severity in paying attention to the road and what’s going on around them.

It’s sad to think of the deaths that have accrued because of something so senseless and a lot of those deaths have been the young playing with their phone. I found some interesting facts in an article by Akweli Parker called “10 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits”. Distracted driving is being called “the new drunk driving”(source: The Economist). To me this statement makes sense because when you’re not paying attention you do tend to swerve and possibly crash. Everyday distracted driving kills more than 15 people and injures 1,200(source: Centers for Disease Control).

This is a scary thought to think that 15 people die each day from not paying attention. All it takes is concentration on just the road and what’s happening around to prevent the deaths. It scares me to think that on day I’ll have to let my kids go out onto the streets to drive. Not only will I have to make sure to teach to pay attention to what they are doing, but to make sure to watch everyone and everything around them. I hope I can trust that they will put the driving before their phones. I don’t want to be one of those parents that end up on those commercials.

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