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Dance and Society Assignment

Art Is a symbolic representation of Ideas and thoughts. Humans are by nature artists and the history of art begins with humanity. We can simply state art as expression of the feelings, imagination and creativity of an individual. Art has no boundaries and it has the power to stimulate one’s senses. There are dfferent forms of arts where I’m going to discuss about dance as form of art, its origin and influence. Dance is a form of art which is much appreciated and enjoyed by people. We can call dance has a human behavior.

We dance to express and celebrate the great universal truths. eact to the rhythm of the music using the body as a medium of communication. Indian dance is basically classified as Tribal, Folk, Traditional and classical. Dance is an organized moment done In aspect of different behaviors like: * Cultural behavior. * Social behavior * psychological behavior * Economical behavior * Political behavior Dancing can be a ritual. Most of the rituals are connected to science and seasons. When we refer to some African Tribals, they prepare some drink with the bark of a tree and dance till the sunset and finally they puke by using their fingers.

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They remove and turn around the branches that they tied to their waist and throw them off believing, they live free form all dreadful diseases. The values and belief determine the conceptualization of dance. Some of the other dances are Bonalu, Veera thandavam etc. For Instance, If we refer to a place at Chhattisgarh, one doesnt get married if we dont know how to dance. It can be taken as psychological behavior. There are few dances than involve movements, songs and dialogues like Kathakali, Rasallla, Oggu katha. Burra katha etc. Facts and literature are transcribed into moment.

Kautilya in his Arthasasthara has also mentioned to dance being a very important economy of administration referring to the deva dasi system. Basically Oogu Kaha has been derived as Oogu are the priest of gollas or yadavas_ Oogu poo]a is prayer or chanting done by the priests, where it involves the story of Mallana (Shiva). It is the performance done by the priests and devotees has to pay for it. Dance is a format for articulating political attitudes and values. It is an arena for training which carries over for important positions in other spheres of life, control and change. Dance exhibits political behavior.

In 19th century Golla kalapam Is a dance that was conceptualized by a Brahmin because of socio cultural ambience at that time giving a political statement. This dance is a conversation between two communities, gender Is very Important In this. This Is conceptualized as one community questioning the other. Music and dance are integral part of Indian society. Human move belong to movement communities Just as they speak and are learnt by cultural members Just as speech is learnt by cultural members Just as speech Is learnt and which have a matching distribution with speech, language and dialogue.

We expect a dialect of that community when referring to Oogu katha, Garbha, Ghedha etc. we also have grammar to dance as like language. We have to know, when to use the hand, placement of legs and position of the posture. Most Indian dances make their themes from Indian’s rich mythology and folk legends. I want to end my summary with these two quotes. -Dance is a conceptual natural language with intrinsic and extrinsic meanings, assisted of physical moments and interrelated moves guiding performance in different social situations. -Danced movement is patterned reinforcement of the habitual moment patterns of each culture or cultural area.

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