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Criminal Justice Administration for Women Assignment

The appearance of democracy in Slovenia is subjected to rapid increase in crime which cannot be handled as the police resources are scarce and the correctional system is not efficient. The traditional prisons in Slovenia are dependent on the pyramidal type of organization structure with major decisions and guidelines are decided by the executives. Evidently, foundations need to be firmed in order to improve the correctional systems of Slovenia.

In order to develop a prison in the newly democratic society, it is essential to determine the nature of the correctional facility required by Slovenia as well as organizing and restructuring the entire system. This paper put forwards a significant and effectual useful way to organize the correctional agencies so that the allocation of inadequate possessions and safety and responsibility can be modified in order to protect women offenders, detainees and parolees and the treatment of prisoners in prison. Development of Prison of Democratic Society

In order to develop a prison of democratic society, correctional executives must consider employing a system that successfully incorporates inmate supervision and delivers benefits to the escalating aggressive and urbane population at the same time as identifying the needs of the employees (Houston & Stefanovic, 1996). In the matter of correctional policies, decentralized approach should be utilized in order to bring out the best of all organizational members. Prisons should be decentralized with using unit management.

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Unit management offers wide variety of advantages which includes enhances supervision, organized and proficient classification of prisoners and superior training opportunities. Design and Behavior of the Organization The answer to the development of prison of democratic society lies on decentralization and adoption of unit management. Decentralization of the management will ensure to harbor creativity and entrepreneurship in subordinates which will make the prison system more effective and efficient. Institutional Organization will require a superintendent as the head. Unit managers will come under his or her leadership.

Smaller number of inmates should be assigned together (Houston & Stefanovic, 1996). A multi level corrective staff including unit manager, case mangers, correctional counselors, psychologists, correctional officers should be located within the inmate housing unit. The unit manager will dictate the unit staff. Administrative control of unit staff is within inmate living and programming. The allocation of an inmate to a unit should be classified according to age, previous record, particular behavior, particular type of correctional program, etc(Houston & Stefanovic, 1996).

Unit staff should be planned by the Unit Manager to operate in evenings and weekends on turning base in the attendance of unit Correctional Officer. This distribution of responsibilities would be effective and efficient means of addressing the concerns of managing prisons in the new democratic society of Slovenia. Implementation of Little Hoover Commission on Slovenia Parole Policies on Women Little Hoover Commission has played a major role on California’s Parole Policies on women. Women offenders have been granted welfare benefits, rehabilitation programs, education, housing, employment and reunification with children.

It has successfully developed a system of support within the societies to offer help to women offenders who are returning to their communities (Bloom, 2004). It is essential to develop a system of support in Slovenia to assist women offenders who are returning to their home. Parole policy by Slovenia department of Correction in accordance to Little Hoover Commission must enhance the outcomes for women. Women parolees must be provided with fragmented services in order to reenter the community which must be initiated as soon as the female offender serves her sentence.

Each female must be given access to in accordance to needs classified on health, mental health, drug abuse, family, education and service. They should be provided with health, mental and drug use treatment programs as well as have access to educational and vocational services in order to earn wages when they are freed(Bloom, 2004). Parole policies should also include guarantee females to have detailed discharge plan, addressing family issues, implementation of parole direction that will assist them to get education, employment and family tasks, and access to permanent housing, healthcare benefits and other public benefits.

Future Policies to Guarantee Appropriate Treatment Slovenia Department of Corrections should dictate guidelines and principles which will guarantee proper treatment to both male and female detainees, inmates and parolees. One of the most important issues is related to corporal punishment. The Slovenia Dept of Corrections must ensure that corporal punishment, inhuman and degrading punishments, punishment in dark cells is prohibited and is liable to suspension. Diet reduction and close confinement punishments would not be inflicted without the written consent of the medical officer.

Correctional policies should also include the prohibition to use instruments such as handcuffs, chains, strait jackets, etc as a punishment, protection of their money, valuables, clothing and other belongings, etc. The management of prison shall be responsible to select the personnel based on their honesty, professional capacity and personal suitability in order to protect detainees, parolees and inmates. In institution for both men and women, the part of institution which has been made for women shall be under the authority of female officer (Calhoun & Heather, 2002).

Male members shall not enter the institution for women until and unless they are accompanied by female officer. Correctional policies for female prisoners include supervision only by women officers without the presence of male officer except for doctors and teachers executing their professional duties in prison. Strip searching should be avoided at cost. It is necessary it should be conducted in the presence of female officer in order to protect the rights of female detainees, inmates and parolees.

Correctional policies should also include suspension of male officers who indulge female prisoners in forced sex (Calhoun & Heather, 2002). Other correctional policies should include protection of prisoners from racism and discrimination based on sex, caste, creed, religion, color, etc, they have the liberty to practice their religion and Officers are required not to use any force except in the cases of self defense and attempted escape. These are the future correctional policies which the Slovenia Department of Correction should initiate to protect male and female detainees, parolees and inmates.

Conclusion The emerging Slovenian democracy requires a criminal justice administration for women which should protect the rights of women detainees, inmates and parolees and must also provide them benefits which will help them reenter their communities to start their new life. Prison development requires unit management in order to enhance the management of prisons. Taking Little Hoover Commission as an example, the Slovenian Department of Correction can design policies which will benefit female offenders and also protecting them.

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