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Essay about the work as a counselor Essay


I found that counseling is not a simple job through this experience to become a counselor. As a counselor, we have to be aware of client’s problem and help them with their mental health issues. A counselor must guide the client in making a difficult decision and also support them to live a better life.

Confidentiality is an important thing before the client share her problem. I must be patience from my client and remember that she is not always ready to open up to talk with me.

Therefore, the first thing that counselor needs to do is to build the good relationship with the client.

I learned to listen to people. Sometimes, the client comes to have counseling because she needs a people to be her listener and a chance to express her emotions. I need to empathize with my client’s feeling. It is not just sympathy like know about her feeling and just listen her experience. I should imagine myself as her and try to understand how she feels in her life.

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Not only we have to listen what she says, I also try to observe the nonverbal behaviors. Her body language show that she is very nervous and stress. Interpretation of her body language makes me able to know she feels better after the session.

We have to guide the client to think multidimensional. It is the way to help them find the solution that suitable for her. The client does not aware that there is a lot of methods to solve the problem when she is suffering pain.

I also learn something from client’s experience. The client taught me about living. I realize that we have to know how to appreciate life. We have to accept it and try to solve the problem when we have life’s challenge and setbacks. I understand the meaning of counseling to everyone.


In my opinion, the part I need to be improved is to learn more knowledge about the ways to counsel the client. It is an important thing that a counselor should learned because integration of learning enables a counselor to handle client’s problem. The counselor can explore the client’s feeling deeply and lead the client to express their problem clearly.

The difficult thing to me is to guide the client solve her problem. The reason is a counselor cannot judge the client and teach the client what she needs to do. I have to lead her to be aware the hope in her life, strengthens and weakness.

The willingness of the client to share her problem with counselor is based on confidentiality. This is the part that I think I am doing well because the client feels safety to explain their problem to me. She also talks about her background and the things she likes to do.

Some of the good attitudes that can found on me are good communication and interpretation with my client. I get a lot of information and I can explain her feeling. Therefore, she is more likely to share a lot of things with me.

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