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Corporate Planning Process Assignment

This toolbox provides a snapshot picture of the corporate planning process and some shortcuts to assist Corporate planning review teams to find information quickly and assist them to stay on track throughout the planning process. The annual planning cycle is represented in the corporate planning guidelines as follows: It is important to note that the processes represented in this planning cycle are not linear. In practice, many of the steps involved at each stage are carried out in parallel and it is often necessary to repeat some activities as assumptions change or new information is uncovered.

Each council can select the starting point in the planning cycle according to their needs at the time. In the annual planning cycle diagram above, the yellow portion, beginning with a review of strategic direction, is intended to highlight the ongoing nature of strategic planning. In contrast, the navy blue portion contains stages 2-6 that are directly related to production and implementation of a corporate plan, operational plan and the associated annual review and reporting functions.

Together, these two frameworks identify the steps required to be considered in response to the four key questions: Where are we now? Determined through the environmental scan, SWOT analysis and review of Council’s mission and guiding principles Determined by the vision, strategic direction, outcomes and outputs Determined through various strategies and specific activities Determined through establishing a monitoring and evaluation process that reviews program outcomes, outputs, budgets, resource controls and reporting systems.

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