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Computer Systems Assignment Essay

Fairly and lawfully processed data is data which has been obtained without duress and with the permission of the person who has provided that information. As a qualified IT expert, I have embarked on a verbal contract with my client to keep the information he provides safe and use reasonable protection methods, e. g. , for medium sensitive data, it is not necessary to have extreme security measures in place, such as for online banking. As part of this promise, I am obliged to use the information provided by the client only for the purpose for which it was stated at the time of receipt.

It would be fair for me to ask my client for their name, address, contact details, age, date of birth and whether they would require a filtering system to protect their children, to keep inappropriate sites away from them. It would also be necessary to ask for bank details (for the purposes of payment of this service) which would require higher security measures which would need to be implemented into my firm’s data base. Some of the ways of securing data is encryption and making sure no one person knows the encryption code in full or having security firms protecting the premises at night.

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Accurate and up to date data is data which is correct at this moment in time which is data that is continuously modified as data changes, e. g. , when someone turns 18, they are put on the electoral register automatically. An instance of where this didn’t work is when Virgin Media sent a bill to a recently deceased husband or wife, and when told about this error, their requests for alteration were ignored causing a very distressing situation for this family. This is why data integrity is important.

If you want to find out how your data has been used, under the Freedom of Information Act (2000), you are entitled to make a request to any Public Organisation in writing or by email which must be responded to within 20 working days (about 1 month). They have to provide you with the information and you can ask for any information of your choice and you can also ask for any information they hold on you and they have to provide it or give a good reason why not. If your request is denied, you can appeal against it and an internal review will be carried out or if no review happens you can appeal to the independent Information Commissioner.

If you have already paid your council tax for the year but on the system database, it appears you are down as paying in smaller chunks each month, you would write to ask for all the information they hold on you in order to correct their records. The kind of data which is valuable to thieves is any data which will enable them to gain financially from using it, e. g. , passports to be sold on the black market or bits of information like bank statements or receipts picked up from recycling bins, and sold to people who can put the pieces together and then use your bank account or credit card fraudulently.

It is possible to steal whole identities to be used in a fraudulent manner. Con-artists have become sophisticated in the art of cyber crime with key trackers which can be an internal or external programme. The internal programmes would be things like Spyware which tells the person everything you have typed in, and the external would be an adapted keyboard with the tracker based inside the keyboard or on a USB pendrive. There are other ways of cyber theft, eg, hacking into your email which more commonly happens with laptops and with public wireless internet, which they can then email people and in some cases take control of your computer.

People are now phishing on Facebook and other esocial sites which is people looking around Facebook for people that put too much information on Facebook, eg, their date of birth, phone numbers, etc. , and also other things like “I am in Tescos buying a big shop”, which means that the criminal would know that a person wasn’t at home at that time. Independent businesses like Deli-King who want to go online and then someone makes a website called Deii-King, who takes payment and doesn’t deliver goods, this would tarnish Deli-King’s reputation which would be very hard to stop.

The only way to stop this would be to have notices in the shop, informing customers of this scam and having in clear letters what the correct website is called. It is entirely possible that if your data is transferred abroad, that someone would try to beat the system to get your information and use it against you. This is pretty much the only certain guarantee you get. The Company should follow the Data Protection Act and have all the protection programmes, precautions and measures in place to try and stop the people who inevitably try to break them.

There are such things as Firewalls, encryption, data tampering detection programmes and there are physical things you can do, such as 24 hour security, making sure every person in your organisation knows the face of every other person who works there, so no stranger could be there, having gait recognition which identifies a person from their walk, and you can have iris protection, finger-print scanners, number locks and good old-fashioned ordinary locks and within all this protection, you can have pressure-sensored floors and whatever they have in the real world that you see in Hollywood, like laser beam protection.

You can have hard-drives bolted to the floor, you can have hard-drives encrypted and ones that will self-destruct if they are moved out of a certain area, eg, if they lose blu-tooth signal. Obviously, domestic homes and small businesses would not be able to afford such sophisticated and expensive deterents.

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