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Computer games Essay

Nowadays, computer games are very much popular around the world. They have been the new ‘sport’ of the technology advanced world. Year after year, newer computer games are being developed and released. Newer games tend to be more realistic and give much more details in gaming than the early computer games that came out more than a decade ago. The gameplay of these new games gives the players/gamers more genuine user experience that gives satisfaction to them, particularly the Role Playing Games (RPG). RPG’s are games that simulate a more accurate scenario, usually depicted in First person view.

Using the first person view for gaming makes it more fun and challenging for the gamer. The gamer must be in harmony with his/her character to be victorious. In addition to this, a gamer’s skill very much affects how his/her character would do in the game. In return, his/her exposure to the world of cyber games impacts on his/her psychological and social growth. Just like any other games in the real world, being the victor or the loser in the game determines whether the player would feel satisfied with his game or not.

In First Person Shooter computer games like Quake, Halflife and Counter-Strike, mental attitudes of players are affected by these games. These FPS games commonly depict violence and seem to promote anti-social behavior. But Sue Morris’ ‘Moral Panic’ discussed the positive views on computer gaming, especially FPS games. She said that in contrary, FPS games promote team play and gamesmanship, which in return stimulate social growth. These games doesn’t really center on violence, but on competition.

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Key to victory in this type of games is cooperation as a unit or a team. Without proper communication with teammates, it would be quite hard to be triumphant in these games. Game strategy is also a key to victory. Therefore, I would say that the interactivity of cyber games produces new ways of thinking and creativity. It squeezes out the cleverness and resourcefulness of every person playing the game. So I would say that this type of leisure, playing cyber games, is good for our mental health.

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