Computer Affects the Academic Performance of Students - Assignment Example

Computers have become an integral part of our lives and it is also universal in the classroom nearly, some students don’t have computers in their homes. Surprisingly, only a few previous studies explore the role of home computers in the educational process. Home computers might be very useful for completing school assignments, but they might also represent a distraction for teenagers. Be it the desktop computers or laptop computers, both have various advantages in our daily life. It is only natural that the role of computers in education has been given a lot of importance in recent years.

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In the field of education, the use of computer is a big help not only on the part of the teachers but also to the students. It becomes very useful because of its numerous capabilities, first is speed; the computer is very fast enough to process any documents that you put in. Second, is accuracy which will really help in minimizing in most common errors, minimizing of such errors can save a lot of time, money and effort not to mentioned the resources you will spend too in fixing errors. (Pingol, Ruedo, Buan and Martin 2005).

Technology exists all around us, and understanding its role in the development and academic performance of children is growing concern for many educators. Access to home computers has been reported to be steady increasing. This study sets out to prove the inequalities of academic performance that exist among those children with home computer access and those without.

Statement of the Problem Generally the researchers aim to determine the factors affecting the unavailability of computers at home to the academic performance of the students. Specifically, the researcher sought to answer the following questions. 1. What is the percentage number of students who have computers at home and those who don’t have? 2. Is there a significant difference in the academic performance of the students who have computer and who doesn’t have? 3. What are the effects of the absence of computers at home to the academic performance of the student?