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Complimentary therapies Essay

Alternative therapy is described as a health practice that is used as an alternative or used instead of traditional or conventional medicine. It is sometimes used along aside traditional medicine. Complementary and alternative health practices and therapies can include things such as massage and reflexology to herbs and supplements, homoeopathy, nutrition. There are now over 100 different therapies somemore popular than other such as reflexology, acupuncture, osteopathy,aromatherpay and indian head massage,

Alot of people get advised by their GP or nurse to go and get therapies done due to injuries or genarl health issues. Some people will choose to have such therapies done like aroma therapy which can help with things such as stress. Some people may do therpaies with in their own house hold were as some can only be done in professional health centres or hospitals.

Different therapies gives relaxation, stimulation and happiness. This is because therapies work the mind, body and soul providing well being. Therapies such as acupuncture can help treat injuries such as a bad back.


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This refers to a belief that health and well being are in fluenced by the state of the body and the feelings and cognitions. Sadness and anxiety are two feelings that are associated with ill health. Negative belief such as low self esteem and lack of self confindence are the cognitions that are associated with ill health. The belief of holism has given a rise in the appraoch to therapy that takes into account all those influences and is called the holistic approach.

Conventional therapy-

Conventional therapy means its more of tradionall way of using therpaies. So for example finding evidence of an illness and treating it via medicines or operations instead of using complimentary therapies or alternative therpaies. It is used by trained practioners. It is usualy used by NHS practitioners more. It is used to eliminate or correct the cause of an illness.

Alternative therapy-

Alternative therapy is what is used instead of using something else. So for example some one may use chinese herbal remidies rather than use what their GP has prescribed to them. For example someone may have been prescribed a cough medicine but has also been told to try a chinese herbal medicine they may rather use this instead.

The difference between complimnetary therapy and alternative therapy-

Complimentary therapy and alternative therapy are some times thought of as being the same but they are in fact different. It is also known as CAM whihc is the two being combined into one “complimentary and alternative therapies. Complimentary therapy is used to help make you feel better during treatments such as cancer treatments for example were as alternative is used instead of conventional treatments.

It is not always easy to decide if something is a complementary or alternative therapy. Some therapies that are considered alternative could be safe to use alongside your conventional cancer treatment (as a complementary therapy).

Clinical trials-

This is when people normally volunteer to try a new type of medicine and see if they have an effect. Before being tested on humans these will be tested on animals such as mice and rats. The reason for this is that the medicine could be harmful there for it will be double checked on animals. There are different types of clinical trials. These include the single blind RCT whihc is when the group of people who are testing the drug do not no what medicine they have recieved.

They will only no when the medicnine begins to take affect. The other one is called the double blind RCT which is when the reseacher who is giving the medicines to the group of people trying them does not which one is which. One may be the pacebo group which is the real treatment and then others will recieve the false treament. This is done to see if the treatment actualy has an affect of human.

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