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Complete and balance development Essay

Complete development is balance developments that develop the human and community environment through holistic that care all aspects of human development either physical, mental, moral and ethic that couldn’t be dividing using various types of dimensions. Development systems that balance and complete suit with the human environments development concept as a medium or middle people that not believe the linear development concept practise in West that “the sky is the limit”. Complete and balance development are not going to express the different between economy class and social that too extreme.

This model don’t choose even one of materialistic development ideology either open economy or capitalism, or socialism, corporation or privatise but choose the merger from all system and technique to improve the human development fairly and high value. Development that totally based on interest of economy development or materialistic normally will create a lot of negative effects to moral and humanism. History shows that human civilisation becoming weak because of low moral cause by human such as group that control the national resources and power with materialistic development and mind set.

Social crisis among today community till now create a lot of rebels and revolution because of the gap of materialistic development between poorer group and richer group is slightly high. In Malaysia, the 13th May 1969 tragedy where most of Malay community were disagree with the economy, social and education environments that seems to discriminate Malay community after Malaya Independence compare to other races. That tragedy happened because of the role play by the culture in human and country development.

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Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) or known as “New Economy Policy” introduced to solve the matter that cause no balancing among Malay community and other races in economy and education sectors. As we know that after 20 years, the DEB objectives not succeed to solve the matter fully because of the policy implementation by Malay community leaders are not being done sincerely and clean. This is the matter of culture, moral and ethics. At last we have replaced the DEB with the “Wawasan 2020” (Vision 2020).

The theory of Vision 2020 organizes a system or development strategy that complete and balance with human development objectives. But we have to look back again that implementation policy or development model also show the materialistic development, while the human development program seems to be discriminate, ritual and only as a accessories. We always skip the stage to be the “develop country” and all the natural resources being dihakis and ditimbus so we could build tall building and then we says, we could do anything to be a “develop country”.

What we have done here is seems to ignore the next generation right to feels and loose themselves in the rich tropical and natural country. While we are proud of a lot of giant physical project, a lot of billionaires and other, at the same time we should sad about the increasing of number of social problem such as crime, rape case, corruption, and drugs and violent. Human in Malaysia seems to be influenced easily by the most powerful thing in the universe, the money.

This problem are already affects most of develop country community in Western and always be a material for Malaysia government leader to critic and blame “the western model” or “the western morals” but in the same time, we follows their way of life and suffer the same problem, the social problem. All the problems at last will create a weak nation, collapse the civilisation and let the other country discriminate us by the new style colonialism through globalisation, liberalism and information technology process. Now we are already being an under-dog of “open market”.

Every time when there is an economy crisis and currency crisis, we’re not daring to control the market and always give the power to the market player to solve the crisis without realised that other foreign powerful player such as George Soros could manipulate the open market and let the currency value decrease rapidly. Malaysian community should ask themselves, why social and moral problem rapidly increase among Malaysian community? Is there any indirect conspiracies that already plan to sabotage the Malaysian economy and Malaysian community with politic money, drug and other else?

We always heard that some of Malaysian community leaders say that our nation will develop in our own ways. Sometimes we feel that this is only a political tactic, rhetoric and slogan. Social problem couldn’t be solving by political style, words or slogan based on classics economic theory. Social responsible could not be handed to the private parties or using privatises process only. The voters choose the government to hold the responsibility. Of course the private feel that they do not responsible to the voters, so they could do anything’s they want.

Governments can beg them but if the corporate world stronger, they could disagree, also they could set and influence the national policy. For them (private group), citizen is only important as a consumer for them to make big money. Development that based on middle development principle means medium development. We should mediumized the national development policy that do not only think about how to increasing the national growth percentage, so the national development not too slow and not too fast because we must make sure that the national development is totally balance and effective for the future.

Our development should also focus in human development and not limited only to human materialistic development environment, to achieve for creating social and economy justice to all community group, and not working to create social group and different extreme economy. We are too greedy to create medium group, millionaire and billionaire from focus how to solve the poor community and social justice. Official that responsible to create and implement the development policy must be honest, strict, clean, and responsible to do their work for the interest of people, nation and country.

Even in the others system, if this attitude not well practise by someone who create and implement the policy, the whole system will collapse and citizen were victimise. So, the national development should not ignore the human and moral development because the key to success is moral and ethic beside physical infrastructure. Even though we success in the physical development with world-class infrastructure and facilities but our attitude, moral, ethic and spiritual still “third-world” class, we could not achieve the true success of national development that could independent in economy, world affair and others.

Honestly, Malaysia economy still depends much on foreign investment to growth. This atmosphere if continue in future, foreigner could easily influence and control the decision making by the Malaysia government and if we ignore what they say, maybe they will pull out their investment here and this result could damage and collapse the Malaysia economy very bad.

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