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Comparison of sound recording in India and Canada Assignment

Numerous dynamics plague the sound recording industry, more so with the advent of technology. Consequently, a company that manages to tackle these challenges and build a name for itself in the industry is definitely a force to reckon with. The sound recording industry varies from country to country; it can be argued that there are greater challenges to tackle in western countries than there are in other parts of the world. However, these predicaments also solicit higher returns. The purpose of the essay is to compare two sound recording firms; one in Ontario Canada and the other in India.

Fandango recording company will represent Canada while the Odeon recording industry will represent India. History, structure and size of the company Odeon Company is one the largest recording companies in India. Actually, the company enjoys a monopoly. Most artists approach the company to conduct business with them even after being in the industry for so long. In sharp contrast, Fandango has to deal with numerous competition. Ontario is flooded with sound recording companies that offer more or less the same services that Fandango does. (Heinz, 2000) Odeon Company’s history dates back to the early twentieth century.

Therefore, Odeon is much older than Fandango Company. Odeon started in 1905 under a different name. At that time, it was known as the Type writer company. There was also a second company that was opened by the same proprietor known as the Gramophone Company. The company was responsible for introducing double sided disks because at that time most other companies used one sided disks. The company was managed internationally with its executive director being Michael Strauss. This entrepreneur wanted to lead the music industry by taking on the international music world.

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He wanted to ensure that he captures the true essence of people’s culture. This objective was easily achieved in India. The company engaged in numerous mergers and acquisitions until today. Odeon Company currently boasts of a substantial share in the market. As of 2004, the company reported a market share of sixty three percent. No other company in India can command such market dominance. On the other hand, Fandango’s market share is much smaller than Odeon’s. Fandango is under the leadership of music expert known as Florin B. This individual can play the guitar.

On top of that, he was a lead singer in a jazz band. He was also producer and songwriter. This executive director had considerable experience doing the same tasks in the following companies -TVRL -Electrekord Other employees who work under the company usually give a list of references to clients of artists and other sound recording companies that they have worked for. In contrast, Odeon employees may not necessarily have a lot of experience in other recording companies. Most of them normally learn on the job and then continue to make more records for the industry.

Perhaps the reason for this trend in Canada is the proliferation of sound engineering and other related courses. Most of the graduates from such courses are widely familiar with the credentials necessary to make it in the sound recording industry; therefore already existing players have to sharpen their credentials by working in a series of workplaces. (Daniel, 2000) Organizational structure in the two companies is quite different. In Odeon, the system is vertically integrated. Most major decisions are made by the executive director who has a hands on approach to business.

On the other hand, Fandango employees are horizontally integrated. Most of them have been given the mandate to deal directly with clients without involving the executive director. The reason of this is increased use of technology in Fandango. Since there are different specialists; for instance, one employee will deal with the acoustics, another will deal with sound mixing while another will be delegated to the production department, then all these specialties would be severely hampered if the company insisted on vertical integration.

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