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Compare and contrast two film trailers, making reference to both visual and audio element Assignment

Audio is a factor that features in both trailers and is used to stimulate the audience’s perception along with visual aids. Where Mission Impossible 2 lacks a voice over, it gains in sound effects. Many of the sound effects conjure up images in the minds of the audience helping them with their interpretation of the film. Danger is captured by the sounds of rocks falling and the tranquil sounds indicate an isolated situation. The theme tune follows the sound of an explosion and car wheels speeding across gravel, and the music provides the narrative, which sustains the suspense.

It has short exerts of speech, including famous quotes from the film, with a seductive female voice overheard in the background. Down To You features an obvious voice-over, which welcomes you to the film and introduces you to the main characters. It uses opposites and repitition as language techniques, and tells the story, but leaves you guessing. This adds to the effectiveness of the voice-over. The trailer has music playing, but it changes according to the scene being shown.

In the first Mission Impossible film the main character was clean cut and shaven, which portrays that he was quite smooth and sophisticated, but in M:I2 he appears more rugged and scruffy, which is shown by the black t-shirt that he is wearing instead of a suit. This could symbolize his new rebelious style. This character is named Ethan Hunt, which is also quite ironic as if you switch the names around it becomes Hunt Ethan, which is basically what the whole film revolves around.

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The location that is shown in the trailer depicts a desert, but added to the sunrise and tranquility can be seen to symbolize paradise. Ethan’s prize possession is seen to be a pair of sunglasses that could represent a phallic object due to the way they rise from their protective case; they could also symbolize his ‘cool’ exterior. Down To You is all about commitment, and the main character symbolizes ‘men who wear the skirts in their relationships’. In one of the scenes shown on the trailer you hear the lady character says ‘…

I’ll be long gone’, and then you see a clip of a plane flying away which is a symbol for her quiet departure, which helps to put the narrative into sequence. . M:I2 is a fairly fast paced action film, with lots of different types of shots to make it more interesting. Some shots dissolve into each other and eratic camera angles are used. It starts off with seeing Ethan from a distance and then the camera swings as if searching for something, finishing with close-ups. Often the fighting is slowed down and low angle shots are used, which suggests that he is the hero.

Down To You is a slower paced romantic film, which consists of contrasting shots that are emphasised by the music. It starts with a birds eye view of the Empire State building and traffic, which can be associated with a bussling metropolis, for example New York. It goes on to show sexy dancing in scenes of a party with drunken people. The focus on legs is included, where the makers fragnate women’s bodies; the girl being focused upon is wearing a blue dress which shows that she stands out from the crowd.

Al, played by Freddie Prinze Jnr is made out to be better than all the rest, and the jist of the story is that Al is facing peer pressure; torn between his friends expectations of him and what he really wants. There is a montage of shots of how the two main characters, Al and Imogen got together. At another party, there are women wearing red, which symbolizes more flirty, sexy natures.

Attention is drawn to their legs once again which is a provocative image of women. Imogen is seen to be wearing pastel soft colours, which show that she is more eminine. There is a close-up of Al hiding his face, which is trying to capture intense emotion. After this is a scene of a tunnel, which could symbolize a dark patch, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Other girls which are shown with Al seem to be an immitation of Imogen; there is distance between him and these girls. The last scene is made up of shots of them dancing under the stars, when a shooting start passes them by, which represents that they got their wish.

M:I2 appeals to an older audience than Down To You, which is credited by its certificate of a fifteen as opposed to a twelve awarded to Down To You. M:I2 would appeal to people who like a movie that is a bit out of the ordinary and unrealistic, as to escape from their normal pace of life. Mission Impossible 2 is a teaser trailer, and markets itself to those who have seen the first Mission Impossible by making it seem along the same wavelength, but with subtle changes. Down to you would appeal to people who like a story with a happy ending, as they are left with the impression of happiness after watching the trailer.

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