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Community Policing Essay

Community-oriented Policing As of chief of police it is my Job to fight crime while providing a safer and healthier environment for the community. It is my goal to serve and work with the community for the future of our children and the resting days of our elders. Like other agencies and communities across the nation we as well have challenges and problems. Our community faces numerous challenges and problems that with dedication, determination, persistence, and effort are combatable.

Crime to my definition is a like the cancer disease that spreads and the keys to fighting crime is hrough determination and strong support, in this case the support comes from the community who should never give up the battle on such deadly disease. As chief I plan on focusing on the needs of the community by building a strategic plan with fundamental keys and educational programs to strengthen and enforce the law. The problems in my community are basically due to the expansion and tolerance of gang activity that is now taking over the community.

Gang activity reproduces many more problems as well as crime involvement for example in areas of greater gang involvement young children tend to affiliate in such groups and become criminals at very young age. Yet the biggest problem that in reality my community is facing today is lack of communication by keeping silence instead of speaking up, and lack of interaction by not providing support to the police department. In this case everyone is at fault, both police agency and the community because neither has strived to come up with a resolution.

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Crime itself is a problem but not doing anything to prevent it or report crime is a much bigger problem. Crime is easily combatable by adopting a community oriented policing and its numerous programs to alleviate the issue. As chief of police, I plan to integrate the three components of community oriented policing which are strategic-oriented policing, neighborhood-oriented policing, and problem-oriented policing. While using the first component which is a strategic tool, I plan on strictly enforcing all law and regulations, as well as adopting new codes to put into operation a much stricter department.

For example adopting a no alcohol sale law after 1 am and citing all liquor stores who don’t follow this law. This law is purposely focus to alleviate disturbances from intoxicated individuals on the streets at late hours. My agency will be utilizing other governmental resources like FBI, DEA, etc. to gain tactics on how to prevent much serious crimes. With the second component that is neighborhood-oriented policing, I plan on adopting educational as well as interactional programs.

For example DARE, Neighborhood watch, integration of foot patrols, numerous carwash and bake fundraisers and last but not least randomly go to schools in the community to educate the young. These programs will focus on working with the community while building trust and a relationship between police and the people. Having programs who educate the public on certain crimes are constructive in keeping the community aware as well as preventing further victimization. The third component is problem-oriented community and police.

This strategy deals with communication by analyzing the problem, determining a course of action all done via communication. To know what are the needs and concerns of the community there must be a strong define line of communication between the two police and the community. Administration strategy will be use as another tool to make a stronger working atmosphere with the ommunity four members of the community will be chosen as leaders of the community. These leaders will be providing feedback to the police agency on how the programs and changes are evolving in the community.

These four members will be working with the police department as advocates to transmit any information on following meeting as well as programs. I as police chief will also be focusing on the administration on the programs as well as my police department but will allow the community to give their input and suggestions on anything at all times. We all now that neither a police agency nor police officers are capable of doing everything at ounce in order to fght crime but what proves to work is putting methods into practice like programs and following them with changes and adaptations.

Some of the common implementation problems for community-oriented policing are lack of trust, adapting to change, lack of communication, lack of training, and lack of commitment in order to reach achievement. Gaining the communities trust is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to working with the community, it’s a task that takes a lot of patience in order to obtain. Adapting to change is also important in community oriented policing programs because it takes change and it’s a process of time to be capable to test all programs and changes.

While working with the community it is a must to be capable to communicate any new program’s goal as well as its purpose and learn all the community’s needs. Lack of training or no training is crucial when working in the community because officers must be train to approach the community in a positive manner and work with the community to achieve the agencies goals. Lack of commitment is also an issue because fghting crime in the ommunity can take numerous programs and plenty of dedication which in some cases is only seen after a number of years.

Foot patrol’s main purpose is to increase the image and presence of police in the area as a way to stop any new crime from occurring. Taking advice from other agencies who have integrated foot patrol had seen results immediately and highly recommends the effective strategy. This type of action is also considered a good deed for the community and is a way to teach the community that reporting crime doesn’t make anyone less person but a better person with morals and dignity.

This program will benefit the community in many perspectives should describe the intent of the community policing program. It’s a simple as 123 and safe without having the fear of your identity being revealed. Lower crime rates and any change is recorder where suggested methods and changes are implementing the evaluation on the success of preventing crime. Within a year time period all community oriented policing programs will show proven results in the community.

Within a year time period any areas where the program needs to adapt changes to improve strategies they will be made. As chief of police I have to be realistic with myself, my police department, and my community. Keeping the community safe and our streets clean is a challenge but it’s not impossible. I have examined other communities and police department’s work and truly believe that determination, dedication, and the communities support will aid in reaching our goals.

As police chief my short term goals are set to notice any good change and make as many changes as well as adapt to all in order to prevent crime. As humans we are vulnerable of being victimize to any type of situation and by being informed, staying alert, and speaking up we reduce that chance of being victimize. After putting my community-oriented policing plan in practice I expect a rocky road ull of Journeys as well as vulnerable community ready to fght crime out of the community as well as out of their lives to make a brighter tomorrow for our children’s future.

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