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Communication through Social Networking Assignment

Communication became one of the important skills used on the daily basis. The moment he starts to speak, he starts to communicate. However, today’s generation has brought the power of communication to a whole new level. Unlike decades ago, the chances of capability of making the impossible be possible today are higher.

Social media has become one of the biggest sources of communication of this generation to an extent that learning about current events has become easier; forming relationships on the other side of the world became possible, and future careers may have a possibility to form a basis on what he does on his social life; contrasting the old school way of actually sending out mail and reading hard copy resumes. How often now do people turn on T. V’s, go to the news channel and listen to what is going on in the world or read the newspaper for current events?

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Often, the older generation still goes through this process of learning about current events. Since Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YAHOO became popular, today’s generation learned about going online and go to these networking websites to learn the news from there instead. On top of that, it gives teenagers benefits of communicating with other people around the world. In addition, modern technology such as the invention of smartphones, e. g. , IPhones and Androids became easier to access these websites. Also, relationships are more easily formed now than ever.

Long distance relationships became common in our society whether a significant other choose to go to the military or not. Comparing the generation back then, today’s generation have smartphones that literally takes seconds just to send a very long message, and Skype, where free video calling all day became possible. Consequently, text messaging also became a new form of showing emotions that does not usually shown in person. For example, courting someone became easier because a text message can be easily sent as to the old traditional way of actually going to the person’s house and sending out lowers or love letters.

On the other hand, we all know that careers are important because without a career, living will be tougher in a sense that there will be no income to fulfill daily needs such as paying bills, and groceries. Hard copies of resumes are important because resumes contain an employee’s list of skills, education level, and experiences. Since social networking became more prominent, employers gained the power to check an employee’s social life and base their decision of employing that person through what goes on their Facebook page.

The privacy of an employee may have been invaded; however, the power of social media made this possible to be acceptable in today’s society. When the social media and modern technologies didn’t exist, employers did have a hard time choosing who deserves a position best because technologies does help an employer familiarize a future employee. Nevertheless, the difference of employment about twenty years ago and now is seen and felt by many.

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