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Communication Barrier Assignment

In a group discussion,everyone has their own part to present. It held in our own class. We were altogether 7 people including Dr. Isobel. All were ready to present. My turn was last. I was just waiting my turn. I was focusing on other presentation because if my preparation is wrong or right. After listening some of them I think it is OK. All present very well. After all finished their topic now its turn of me. I got little bit nervous whether i can present well or not. I choose my topic In vetro fertilization,which is very interesting.

I have done definition,advantage,disadvantage,procedure and conclusion. Overall,it was fine. I think group discussion was effective. All people get chance to learn something. One person will not be perfect by all side. so by the help of group discussion we get chance to learn about something,because all had their different topic. To make the group discussion more better we have to be focus on different things. Like,listen carefully and cross question with each other. It will help to develop communication skill.

Communication is one of the major things which is needed in a group discussion and in a place where you work in a group. For instance,you were working in a group in a specific topic and you have divided a part with each individual. One of the member of your group is not working properly. This will harm your whole presentation. you will not get good point. Another example of communication,suppose you were working in a hospital. There you will meet people with different nature.

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You have to be very confidential and communicative with them. If you want to know about the illness of the patient you have to convince them that this talk is secret otherwise they will not tell you about their illness and it will be more difficult to identified illness. Communication skill plays an vital role in various sector like counselling hospital,group discussion and many other group work. It will inappropriate due to wrong choice of vocabulary,misinterpretation and so many other things.

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