Commentary Of The Beach Trailer - Assignment Example

My attention in designing a trailer for the film “The Beach” as to focus on the dream Vs Nightmare and confusion theme. By dream Vs Nightmare I mean the forever-ongoing battle between good and evil, so portraying the good and the bads. By confusion I mean that I wanted this trailer to be completely surreal so it wouldn’t be like any other. I picked these two themes so I could send the viewer different messages and hopefully make them think. I looked at doing an action/love theme but although these work I wanted something completely different but which still captured the imagination. The surreal ness would also I thought capture the grogginess of the film.

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I chose to represent this in the film using a number of different techniques. One of these I used to show the confusion side of it is having a motion blur created as the action happen. At the same time as this I thought the song by Asian Dub Foundation would be appropriate, as it would confuse the minds of those watching. I thought this as the song is quite funny but they are seeing a drugged up trailer.

I tried to show the dream Vs nightmare theme by showing contrasting images such as the beginning of it I show images such as the underwater kiss but towards the end I have images of blood and of other not so nice images. Another effect I used was to have a white strobe at the beginning and right at the end. Also I have a black strobe going on in between shots just as the white did but the black strobe occurs at the middle of the trailer, as this is where the theme changes. Here contrasting images of happiness and distress are present to show the two extremes of the film. This is also to show the emotional rollercoaster that the film is

At the beginning of the trailer I have a voiceover from “Daffy” describing the island. This voiceover is done while there is a white screen. I did this so the audience would have to concentrate on the voice and nothing else. My first few shots other then the white strobe is of the different characters. This was so the audience straight away who is in the film.

I decided to have the end scene of the trailer to have the end scene of the trailer as words saying “The Beach” as hopefully this would be the last image in the viewers mind.

I kept the speed of the shots near enough the same for the shots as I felt that changing the speed would have disorientated the viewers too much.

I have targeted my trailer at anyone over fifteen for the simple reason as this is because of the blood and gore within the trailer. I think the people that the trailer will appeal to are those that think “out of the box”. I feel that my trailer is one people will like or hate, as it is very different. I thought people after seeing this trailer would see the film because of the interesting effects used in the trailer.