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How Christians might put their beliefs into action Essay

Many Christians put what they are taught from the teachings of denomination into practice by using aggressive actions against others. Such as in the case of the Catholic country of Ireland, pro-choice lobbies protest and revolt to the government to get law changes to legalize abortion. This is the case in many other countries that are split over the laws of abortion. Eire is not the only country that has revolting lobbies, the united states of America have the same situation; apart from in the USA the majority of the aggressive actions action towards the government officials are put into practice by the members of pro-life lobbies.

The members of the pro-life lobbies revolt to the government officials because they are trying to achieve the final goal of tighter laws on abortion. In America supporters of pro-life lobbies are even prepared to resort to terrorist attacks towards the abortion clinics to stop, what they think is, the wrongful butchery of a baby. Whereas some people just put their ideas forward in public meetings, which are quite commonly held in the USA. Some meetings are held on talk line numbers that are universally displayed on the websites of named organisations such as S.P.U.C and L.I.F.E.

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Numerous amounts of people who believe that antagonistic action should not be used in order to put ones point of view forward use passive actions. Many of the people put their ideas into action in a passive way and join organisations, which are dedicated to either pro-life or pro-choice ideas. These organisations contain groups such as S.P.U.C, L.I.F.E and liberty for women.

These officialdoms may hold public meeting or they might right petitions to the officials of government, the aim of this also to change the laws of abortion. These petitions written by the organisations may reflect on hard-choice cases, an example of this is, if a woman has diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in Ireland (this is a place where abortion is prohibited). The woman should be allowed to receive a termination. It is exceptions like these that laws are changed for.

Other passive methods include voting for a political party or boycotting and supporting companies. The method of voting for a political party is put into practice in America, the republicans there are anti-abortion and the vote for political parties that support the family and its values, maybe via beneficial tax relief or child support. Also another passive method is boycotting and supporting companies financially that they feel does not agree with their beliefs, this may be put into practice by buying or not buying coffee that child labour has helped to produce.

Other Christians use passive action but the action is not direct because they do what they think is right and justly, they do not try to convert or order people to do what they believe in. they do not join any organisations which are linked with either pro-life or pro-choice lobbies. If they do try and put their ideas in to action it is to make sure people have a better idea about abortion but not to convert them into what they believe in.

Also, if every person that does not take direct action towards abortion has an abortion, it would mean that they would make up 86% of the Christians that put their beliefs into action. This is fallacious because the amount of Christians that do not take direct action is 69%; this means that many pro-life Christians that take direct action against abortion do not follow their teachings because their teachings have references to not have a terminated child, such as one of the Ten Commandments “thou shall not kill”.

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