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My chosen hero is my father Essay

My chosen hero is my father, his achievement was overcoming a life threatening heart condition that completely changed his life. As he was growing up my fathers dream was to become and engineer. At the time it was almost impossible to achieve due to the war in Lebanon. The war meant that he had relocate to many universities around Lebanon, learning the languages in which they studied in and attending more then the 3 years required just to attain a bachelors degree. However despite all this with his father’s great support, personal hard work and commitment, it allowed him to succeed and was ready to go!

The war being a devastating era meant that many challenges had to be faced. One of these challenges was to end his long earned career and having to start again from step one. With the condition he faced there was plenty doubts in his mind, in my whole life this was the first time I had ever seen my father think so negatively. This affected us all, but we knew thinking the same wouldn’t have made anything better. Our change of changed his as well. Never in my life would I have imagined to see someone experience a life threatening sickness, yet literally the next day begin on a new to journey: to a new career.

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This changed his usual travels. I know that if he had never taken that first step at the time he did, both he and my family would have been struggling to the point where life was no longer held in the balance. At the beginning of perusing his new career his own consulting business, it looked like there was no hope, one of his heart attacks happened at the same time as he started. This clash gave struggle for all, but thanking God everyday my dad managed to keep his head held high.

The amount of courage I have seen and bravery changed my whole way of seeing things, I know if what he went through was situation life would have been over. A time of my life where I witnessed this bravery was a day I’d never forget. He had left his loved, earned career and applied to establish his own business. This negatively impacted both his and my family’s lives because we never knew where this new career would take us. For someone you would expect after all this a person to have all the confidence and luck in the world. This was not the case.

My dad is one of the most humble people alive, you can just see this by his day to day layed back personality, the way when people ask him bout this time of his life he simply answers as though it was nothing. He always puts everyone before himself. His luck has not been so great! Admittedly the career has progressed since it first begun, however although it’s two years later you can still see the little struggle, which makes a difference in his life. These being the lack of commitment his clients give to him economy wise, the fraud he has experienced just by that you can see where it goes wrong.

From this whole experience I have learned that life is full of surprises but despite what it may throw at you, keep your heap up and think positively. Once you have a goal set keep at it there is one in a million chance you will fail. Never push away the once who most care about you, because people tend to push away loved ones at times like this and I have learned not to let that affect me, because at times like this its not about you nor me personally when this is happening to someone else.

Although many sacrifices are made everything happens for a reason and in most cases for the best. I ask you this next time life slap you in the face how are you going to respond? Remember problems are a part of life, you wont conquer all the challenges thrown your way, it’s a never-ending game, which only God can decide when you quit. Because at times like this no matter how badly you want to give up negative attitude will never help nor get you anywhere just bounce through it and know that tomorrow will be a new day full of joy, life is how you make it so make it how you want it!

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