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China History Assignment

China was in a state of rapid decline during the 1940’s. In-secure, Crime, Lack of basic human rights, unemployment, gangs and over populated are just some of the words used to describe the state of which china was in. But China was looking for a new leader. Someone to change china’s image and to get them going forward.

His name was Mao Zedong,the son of a peasant farmer. He was born in Chaochan, China, in 1893 and died in 1976. He grew up working as a library assistant at Peking University and served in the revolutionary army during the 1911 Chinese Revolution. Mao wanted to change the face of china. He was inspired by the Russian Revolution. Mao wanted to adopt the idea of the Russian president Lein. He wanted China to become a communist country. This meant everything was shared and that no one owned anything. China was facing a massive problem with poverty already.

Lack of food and poor living conditions were becoming of standard around China. Mao had to change this. He immediately introduced changes into China. He wanted to run the country his way. Communism was one of the first things he brought into the new china. Communism is the idea that all people have equal rights and everyone has the same amount of goods. Mao wanted China to become a major industrial country during his reign. In 1958 Mao announced the Great Leap Forward, an attempt to increase agricultural and industrial production.

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He set up ” The Great Leap Forward”, this would be a massive change for everyday china, farming would be stopped and life would change greatly. Mao introduced the “Backyard Steel campaign early on in his reign. The plan was to make as much steel as possible, instead of farming. Peasants would be making steel for industry instead of farming. The population of china was so large that if this paid of it would a steel industry off the scale! China has 1. 3 billion inhabitants. If everyone of those were making steel it would produce a huge amount of it. But was this all it was made out to be?

Well because all of the peasants were making steel instead of farming, Mao’s campaign backfired. Huge amounts of starvation swept across regions of china. It killed millions of peasants. Not a great start for Mao. If this wasn’t enough, Mao still wanted the so called ” Great leap forward” to occur. People of china were brainwashed into going along with Mao’s plan. Mao was a very powerful man. He had effectively taken a great leap backwards! But he was very clever in what he did. He had so many followers throughout the population of china that it didn’t matter what he did.

People were scared to speak out because of the ruthlessness of the man. He wanted HIS china not anyone else’s. Stories such as one of Mao organising killings of people who spoke out were becoming common. People were simply too scared to say anything. The people of China were being brainwashed, but they didn’t realise it. Mao set up a group called the red guards. These were a group of people who still had faith in Mao and vandalised everything against him and killed people who thought he was not the right leader.

In their eyes, he was the right man to lead china. These were the people who were contributing to the Propaganda. Throughout the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards travelled throughout China, going to schools, universities, and institutions, spreading the teachings of Mao. Some were criticized for using violence against people who were believed to be against the teachings. The role of Red Guard was mainly to attack the Olds of society people who still believed the old ideas, cultures, habits, and customs of China at the time.

Red Guards in Beijing and elsewhere in China had taken to the streets from their schools. They made posters, speeches, criticized Party leaders, and some committed violent acts in the name of the Cultural Revolution. Mao had a great effect on China and he passed away in 1976. After the dictator had died. China has changed greatly. After Mao had died Western Capitalism took hold and flourished. Corporations saw an untapped wealth of 2 billion people, then wheeled and dealt with the greed of Chinese officials.

Western civilisation thrived on modern day china, setting up cheap labour on china. The thought of western world even being introduced never mind taking over china would disgust the thought of Mao. The Chinese population of Mao’s generation were sad but had to accept the change throughout china. For the old China it really was Goodbye. I think that people that are living in china today would be happier than the China by Mao, Although the old China had more structure to it I think the modern day China would be a better place to live.

It has more freedom than the old China and has inherited ideas from the western world which benefit modern China. But because Of the ” Get rich campaign” there is still much variance across china in terms of wealth. Because it has so much industry the wealth is spread unevenly. There are many millionaires in China today but still there is much poverty. I think the modern day person would be happier in modern day china rather than china created by Mao.

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