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Сhildren development Essay

Physical development

7-12 years

By the age of 7 a child enjoys things such as bike riding and rollerblading they are now able to tie and untie shoelaces without adult help, they are now starting to understand what rules are and are able to follow simple rules. At 8-12 years a child improves the physical skills that they have already developed and start to see a physical change in their body as puberty is about to start.

Social and emotional and behavioural development

7-12 years

7-12 years is a time when a child undergoes a various physical, intellectual and social changes, these changes can affect a child’s emotional development. Between children become less dependent on adults for support and are able to cope in a wider environment they also enjoy being in groups of children of a similar age and are strongly influenced by their peers.

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Between this age child like to play with children of the same sex they start to form close friendships from the age of 8years, they become aware that certain kind of behaviour is not acceptable and they understand a strong sense of fairness and justice. A child can either come across as bossy and arrogant or shy and uncertain they still need adult help to sort out disagreements.

Communication development

7-12 years

By this age, most children are fluent speakers, readers and writers of their language, and have a wide range of vocabulary and are able to use more complex sentences. When writing sentences they will know how to use punctuation and grammar.

Moral development

7-12 years

  • Children start to tell others the rules and inform adults when a rule is being broken.
  • they become aware of the consequences of their behaviour and know from right and wrong .
  • They can follow rules and boundaries.
  • May experience guilt and shame if they do something wrong or what they think is embarrassing.
  • Has difficulty admitting mistakes but is becoming more capable of accepting failures and mistakes and taking responsibility for them.
  • Is aware of right and wrong wants to do right to please adults.

Intellectual/cognitive development

7-12 years

Between 7-12 years children Will have an increased ability to remember, speak and express their views, learning to plan ahead and evaluate what they do, increased ability to think and to reason, use other sources of information, have longer periods of concentration, curious about banned substances. Reading and writing confidently, increased preferences for subjects, they become more creative in play.

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