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Childhood passions Essay

Childhood passions have rarely been understood by adults, much more by us. Maybe its because as young, naive, kids we were always surrounded with the idealistic tendencies of life, not taking into consideration what is real, and what is not. I have always wanted to go against this flow of nature and vindicate my desire, my childhood aspiration, to become a neurosurgeon. I have devoted my academic life in pursuing a career that I have always wanted ever since I learned how to process and analyze my thoughts.

What drew me towards this field and what will probably sustain my curiosity and intense desire to learn is having the opportunity to learn more about the organization and intricate functions of the human body, which initially sparked my interest, and why I wanted to take up Biology as my premed course. My hunger for knowledge and my zealousness for determining what is under the microscope and seeing things from that perspective will only be fulfilled by taking this major.

I am not a child anymore and I am very much aware of the tediousness and the monstrosity of the path that I am going to take and I know that with your help, I will be able to reach my goals, not be misled and I have no intentions to be. One might question where my passion might be coming from, and I know for a fact that it is coming from my heart, from my urge to learn and from the people that I love.

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I am very critical about this and I am actually honored to be taking such a great feat because I know that when I have finished all the adversities and difficulties, I will become a great physician and I owe it all to the education that you have given me. A great premed course equals a great foundation and a strong background that will definitely hold me in the next great big adventure of my life – my medical school years.

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