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Childhood Memories Essay

I woke up to the sound of “School Today Ben! ” I slumped back under my duvet covers. I didn’t want to think about it. I wanted to stay in bed, not go to school, but I knew that I had to go. Slowly I pulled myself out of bed, dreading the moment where I would have to leave the house, my place of comfort, relaxation and happiness. Soon, I was crunching away at my cornflakes, trying to take my mind off the day’s happenings. Suddenly I was awoken out of my coma hearing my mum’s voice. “Ben, you have to be out of the house in five minutes”. My heart sunk like a stone. Where had the time gone?

I quickly finished eating my cornflakes, and then hurriedly jogged up the stairs to clean my teeth. When that was done I grabbed my bag, and rushed down the stairs, and inadvertently tripping on something on the bottom step. I yelped in agony. “I think I’ve broken my ankle! ” She rushed to the scene and not even mentioning my ankle got my shoes, pulled me up and told me to hurry up. My plan had been foiled. I may not have intentionally fallen on the bottom step, but I did think that I had found a way out of the first day of school. Grudgingly I put my shoes on, said goodbye and walked out of the house.

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Walking to school would take me approximately twenty minutes apparently. The slower the better, I thought. I started mulling over the football game I had seen on television the previous night. However, suddenly the school loomed high above me. Thoughts of school started crowding my mind once again. What was it going to be like? My thoughts were once again interrupted. This time it was because I hear someone calling me. Slowly I whirled around fearing the worst. Who would it be? My worried attitude soon turned out to be for nothing. There was my best mate from primary school, Gustavo. He lumbered over to me, and slapped his hand on my back.

Ite Ben. How was your summer? ” I remember stammering a reply back to him. “Yeah – very well thanks Gus. How was yours? ” As soon as I said this I think I must have regretted it, because as soon as I said this Gustavo started waffling on about his holiday. That was the one thing I didn’t like so much about Gustavo. If you give him a chance to talk, you will be listening to a full account of what he has been up to. Oh yes, and another thing, you won’t be able to stop him talking! So, that was quarter of an hour of exploring my new surroundings, whilst at the same time trying to be interested in what my best mate was saying.

At last, we were told to go to the hall. Apparently that was the place where we would be sorted into classes, and told the school rules. Me and Gustavo walked nervously into the school, and followed the signs that were posted around the school that were pointing towards the school hall. My throat had suddenly dried up, and I felt very nervous. I guessed that Gustavo must be feeling the same, as he looked paler than I have ever seen him like before! We eventually arrived at the hall and I opened the hall doors to find around eighty other first years sitting down already.

I ushered Gustavo to two empty seats in the middle of the hall. I was relieved to see that I was not the only one who seemed nervous. Many of my fellow first years I could see dotted around me were just biting their nails, which was an obvious sign of being anxious! Soon everyone had arrived, and the head teacher arrived on the stage, introducing himself to us as Mr. Stacey. Soon, however, he was blubbering on to us about the school rules and achievements.

I didn’t find it too interesting until I heard the phrase “… sorting into classes… ” I quickly switched back on and learnt that there would be 11 classes. D, W, R, Y, F, E, L, I, N, C, S. ‘ However there would also be registration classes which would take place between 8. 50 and 9. 15. The next step was to be taken to our registration classes. First up was Mrs. Cole’s class. “Daniel Williams, Sophie Phillips, Joe Kelshaw, Nicholas Goodall, Ben Harris… ” We got ourselves up from our seats, and were ushered in Mrs. Cole’s direction. I hoped that some of my mates from primary school would be in this class. I followed the teacher down a eerily quiet corridor, up some steps, then across a second corridor.

The journey abruptly ended as we went left into a R. E room, which I found out later that it would be my registration room for the next two years. We were told to sit down, and my eyes bore down on two unmarked seats in the middle of the classroom. I went to sit down, hoping to see someone I knew coming in. Then Gustavo walked in. He made no second thoughts to sit anywhere else, and sat next to me. We exchanged a greeting, then Mrs. Cole started talking and telling us what to do for the next two lessons, which was around an hour and a half in length. My first thoughts of Mrs Cole in those two lessons were that she looked a bit strict, but she did seem like she was quite kind as well.

Soon, it was break time, and Gustavo and I went outside. We went to see what everyone was up to, and after a bit we decided to play football with some other people I knew from primary school, and some people who I have never met before. I was just starting to get into my stride when the buzzer went. Disappointed, I trudged away on the way to my first lesson which was Music. After what felt like forever it was lunch time. Music had been fun, as we were able to mess around on the keyboards, but the lesson after that, Science, seemed to take forever. I’ve never liked Biology!

I went to the canteen for lunch, and met some mates from primary school there. I remember having a curry, with rice and chips. I wouldn’t say I loved it, but it was alright! When I finished lunch I went out with some mates to play football. In what seemed like record time, it was time to go home. I had to endure Maths, followed by English. Top set in both, but in English we had to write around two full pages regarding some rules! I remember never really liking Miss Jasper and her screechy voice after that! Anyway, surprisingly enough, I had actually enjoyed my first day of school after all!

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