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Child Beauty Pageants Assignment

False lashes, spray tans, fake hair, nails, pounds of make-up and flashy costumes are all things you would expect to see on a Barbie doll, but strangely enough, this is no longer the case. These things are becoming more and more popular in beauty pageants as early as six months old. Some people say child beauty pageants are absolutely great but also many sources that believe as though children are being robbed of their childhood. Beauty pageants are very exploitive because they promote a materialistic belief on young girls, damage self-esteem and encourage young girls to act like “divas”.

How wrong is it to teach young girls to judge a book by its cover? The materialistic belief is that you must look this way and wear this size to be crowned. Girls as young as four getting their teeth whitened because “that’s the look”. I can’t speak for the children but I do know as a mother that children also have plenty of fun riding bikes, playing outside, and swimming with their friends. I do not see how pageants could promote self confidence in any way. However, teaching a child as young as three that in order to win something they must totally alter their looks is sending a negative message way too early.

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Secondly, when things do not go as she would hope, sure there is no problem if the win the pageant, the lucky winner gets a beautiful crown and has a great big prize to take home with them. Unfortunately only 25% of the girls at pageants get to be some kind of winner. Some may win, but not the title they wanted. The ones with no prize at all leave the pageant feeling upset, ugly, not good enough, and sometimes even in trouble with their parents.

What do you say to a four year old when they come up to you and say they lost a pageant because they are not pretty enough? A good number of girls end up having lifelong mental and health issues as a result of pageants; poor self-esteem, anorexia, depression, and many more issues that could have possibly been avoided.

Pageants encourage young girls to act like “divas” in many ways but the show on TLC “Toddlers in Tiaras” explains it best , this is an awesome example of how girls can act so negatively. On one episode, a little girl named Maddie disappeared for over an hour because she was angry with her mother. This is the exact same seven year old the screams at the top of her lungs when she doesn’t get what she wants. This behavior directly linked to self-esteem issues and materialistic lifestyle some are allowing for their children. The spray tans, fake nails, eyebrow waxing, hair extensions and fake teeth are all the things that can be avoided for young children.

So as you can see, child beauty pageants are very degrading and immoral and they do promote a materialistic belief on young girls, damage their self esteem and encourage them to act like “divas”! I think pageants are a good thing for adults or older teenagers that can make their own decisions. But for those girls not nearly old enough, to make their own sandwich, I think it’s best to stick to high and seek and baby dolls.

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