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The chase that ended his life Essay

Another hard working, tiring day at university goes by as I meander down the countryside roads; I could see the sun scorching in my eyes as the blitzing birds tweeted in the distance. I walk down this road every day to college, it’s a very quiet road were the majority of the population is elderly. The clouds were building up in the blue dreamy sky as there were signs of rain coming later on the day. As I was walking I could hear echoes like someone was crying for help, I carried on walking as normal until I saw a peculiar car with tinted out windows in the centre of the road with a vulnerable man getting dragged out of the car.

I couldn’t breathe I said to myself “what should I do”. The body was getting dragged into the car park as I glared all I could see was the endless stream of scarlet red droplets of blood trickling on the road. I decided to go towards the car park and help the helpless man as he was fighting for his life. I followed the trail of blood to a nearby alleyway I just stood in disbelief as the murderer neglected the body in the alleyway and made a getaway for it. As he walked away from the alleyway he peered in the distance as he had a quick glance at me and he was heading towards me.

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I could see him wearing a black balaclava with his beady blue eyes glaring at me. I decided to make a run for it as I knew what this guy was capable of. I saw the stocky man running in his neatly pressed leathered coat. After a long chase he gave up as he glared at me in the distance saying in a deep toned voice “I will catch you”. I got home and went straight into my apartment and I took deep breaths, I could feel the sweat pouring like steamed up water on the varnished floor. I quickly slammed my front door it echoed, I opened the windows to get fresh air.

I just sat on my bed and thought of what happened in the past hour and what I should do. After a long a hard decision I decided to go back to the alleyway and see if the body was still dumped there, I put on my coat and slammed the door as I set off on the trek to the alleyway. As I gazed at the night sky I can see the luminous shooting stars as I carried on walking. I was now approaching the alleyway I could feel the summer’s breeze trickling on the tips of my nose. I took a deep breath and went to investigate, all I could see was large quantities of blood and the body was not there.

However, the car was still dumped in the car park and the police were on the scene, they asked me various questions about the car which was stolen. I was terrified and afraid of the vicious murderer; I gave false information because I was scared. Later that night the news broadcasted on live television, the news reporter called it a mystery and any witnesses should come forward. A few days later I was walking towards my apartment armed with a dagger after a tiring lecture and I saw the same peculiar car parked on the side of the road.

I was scared and felt ashamed if I walked away so I decided to investigate, the boot was fully opened and there was a horrific stench of blood. I could hear loud footsteps coming from behind and a man groaning, I frantically looked back I could see the murderer dragging a body towards the canal. I hid behind the car I followed him to see what he was doing. I was stunned he got the body and threw it in the canal. This guy was a serial killer and I knew if he saw me, he would definitely try to kill me without a doubt. I walked towards the murderer he heard the footsteps and turn around with his balaclava pointing out a kitchen knife.

I had to do something so I pulled out my shiny silver dagger and shouted “this is the end of the line, it ends here”. His blue beady eyes spooked me and I knew he meant business. He was only metres away from me. The rain was pouring down vigoursly on my face as the ground was muddy. I walked towards the cold blooded murderer and got the dagger and stabbed him in the chest he fell to the muddy ground. The blood was dripping on my hand as there fierce rain washed it off. The smell of death was around as the dagger fell on the ground as my hands were shivering.

I thought to myself what have I done? I was truly ashamed, I then dragged the body by some allotments near the canal and I ran home. The next day I woke up bright and early and went back to the crime scene, there was blood everywhere even on the pavement. The smell of death was around; I had to get rid of the body. I got the helpless body and threw it in the canal. My hands were covered with blood I sat down on the bench by the canal, and thought to myself how could I sink so low and be a murderer and a cold icy tear came down my red cheeks as I was scared of the crime I committed.

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