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Career Essay

There are many different career paths and a variety of jobs for people to choose from. This profession will provide me with a rewarding hand -on- job and interaction with many people. That’s why I wanted to become a dental hygienist. One of the rewards I hope to gain from this is being able to share with people the importance of healthy dental hygiene and their happiness of having beautiful, healthy teeth. They teach clients how to maintain good oral hygiene, principles of preventive oral care. Demonstrate to the patient how to brush and floss their teeth correctly.

Hygienists also clean, polish, inspect for cavities and loose fillings look for crack in teeth. Helping others to achieve healthy dental hygiene is a very important and a goal of mine. Another reason why I chose to become a dental hygienist is the flexible hours. Either working two days a week or five, part time or full time, and weekends off so I can spend time with my daughter. The average salary is between 46,000 and 73,000 a year that does not sound bad at all. And it’s also people oriented atmosphere and the advancement pportunities.

So my conclusion is when I graduate and begin work in this field, I will have succeeded at one of my hardest worked for goals. This success will help me pave the way for success in the future when I face all of life’s responsibilities. I feel this job would be both fun and rewarding. It would be fun getting to perform the many different task associated with the job. Achieving my dream would mean getting up every day, going to work happy and most importantly knowing that I have chosen the best career for me.

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