Canada’s immigrants - Assignment Example

Ever since the existence of mankind, people have found it necessary to migrate in search of better living conditions. Some countries are preferred more than others due to various pull factors. One of the most preferred countries for a long time has been Canada. We’ve all heard tales of immigrants who came to Canada to see the streets that were `paved with gold’. The reasons have changed over the years but the basic reasoning remains the same. People come from all over the world in search of better prospects for their children.

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Many immigrants have left family, friends, and verything familiar for the opportunity to make a new life and to prosper. Alas, Canada has often been unable to keep the promises it makes. Canada’s problems with immigrants go back a long way. At the turn of the 20^th century, Clifford Sifton knew that in order for Canada to thrive, it needed immigrants and he was not above using a bit of false advertising to attract them. Clifford Sifton realized that the only immigrants they received were from the United States of America and the United Kingdom and they were not enough to fill the vast prairies of Canada.

Therefore he started a wide spread advertising campaign across Europe and Asia. The campaign was highly manipulated to show only the superior side of Canada and all the negative information was omitted. Sifton’s widespread campaign was a huge success. More than a million immigrants came to Canada between 1896 and 1905. Unfortunately, many of these immigrants were in for a terrible surprise. The greatest shock to them was the weather that included damp chilly winters. Due to the overflow of immigrants, the good fertile land was given away and the immigrants who arrived late ere given poor unproductive land without any forewarning.

Asians settled in Canada to escape poverty and war at home but encountered prejudice and eventually violence on this side of the Pacific. They were the under-class in Canadian society with few rights and no power. They were not allowed to become citizens. Many Asians were brought to Canada to build the most dangerous and difficult section of the Canadian Pacific Railway. One worker died for every mile of track lay through the Rocky Mountains between Calgary and Vancouver. Employers found them industrious, sober and cheap.

Canadians resented them for the same reasons and were quick to show their hatred by creating riots and troublesome lives for them. As Canada fought in the battlefields of the First World War, a different war was being waged at home- a war against thousands of immigrants born in enemy countries. When Ottawa imprisoned my family, I was six years old. I did not do anything wrong.

My parents came to Canada in search of liberty. They were invited here. They worked hard, helped build the country with their blood, toil and tears. Mary Manko) Mary Manko was one of the thousands of `enemy aliens’ that were put hrough torture by the Canadian government because they were suspected of being possible enemy agents. In fact, most were farmers or workers lured to Canada before the war by the federal government’s immigration invitation. Now the federal government forced these immigrants to register, to carry around special identity papers and report regularly to the authorities. Some were interned- confined during the war in camps.

They also experienced a hostile Canadian public, which directed its anger toward anyone or anything linked to enemy countries. During he war, 8,579 immigrants were detained in 24 camps throughout Canada: Germans, Austro-Hungarian, Bulgarians, Turks, Croats, Serbians and especially Ukrainians (then known as Galicians) who were guilty only of coming from a country that belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. ” (National Archives of Canada, PA170620) In 1917, the federal government stepped up its efforts in the war against “enemy” immigrants by stripping of their right to vote under the War Measures Act. But the biggest government assault against the immigrants was the internment camp.

Any `enemy alien’ who failed to report once a month r to register, or was suspected of collusion with the enemy, was interned. Canada’s problems with immigrants do not end there. In the past few years, new problems have been created due to the falling economy. The Canadian government finds immigrants to be a good source of money. Immigrants are expected to invest a great deal into the country right from paying entry fees to creating a credit history. There is nothing wrong in this since it helps the Canadian economy. But the problem began when the rate of immigration heavily surpassed the availability of jobs.

Immigrants have become a regular and large ource of money that if stopped, will cause harm to the Canadian economy. Obviously, there is a limit to how many assets an immigrant can invest in Canada. When immigrants are done investing all they have and still do not have a job, they turn to the government for welfare. This is deeply affecting not only immigrants but the others too. But the people, who feel it the most, are the immigrants because they come to Canada with a lot of hopes. It is true that Canada proves to be a better country than many others, but it is also true that it is a greatly hyped country for immigration purposes.

Immigrants most often do not get what they were promised or what they expected. They have since the beginning been treated as second class citizens which does not create a patriotic feeling in their hearts for Canada which is an under-rated necessity. Right from racist and paranoid acts towards hard-working laborers to the dangerous never-ending cycle the immigrants are being pushed into, the way immigrants have been treated over the decades leaves a lot to be desired. An immigrant has truly said, “Canada is like a bad tasting chocolate mixed with delicious nuts wrapped in a Cadbury cover”.