Bullies - Assignment Example

Bullies are like ants once they find a target they are determined to march forward and pursue their prey. There are many different kinds of way to bully someone. I will be discussing some of the ways and tell you personal experiences. For instance this one time I hanged around my friends and we were talking and we were making fun of everyone that looked weird, stupid, or ugly. I knew it was wrong but we were bored, and so we just made the best of it. You can say that I made people more sad or hurt but still like they said words can never hurt you. Unless they are some emotional lunatics that over exaggerate about it.

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You can say their occasionally exceptions that you can joke and fool around with but handling it is the key point. Taking it too far can really hurt him/her. Another example I witness but I didn’t partake in was when my ex-friend. He bought this new item and he showed it off to everyone. Some people went awed at it. For others like my other friends hated him and wanted to make him miserable. So they decided they be nice for him and saying how cool it is then take it from him. After taking it he didn’t realize but when someone mention to him “can I see it” he became a skitso freak.

I knew a little bit on who took it but didn’t want to tell I don’t know why but it’s just something you can’t rat on. In conclusion bullies are everlasting, there can never be a mark in time where they never existed. As for society they should try to handle it, but in more manner just not by appointing all the experts into trying to figure out why he/she did it. What is with all the experts? You can say the best experts on cluing in and knowing what is wrong with a kid is his/her friends our classmate. Yet they use their opinions and thoughts and the so-called “experts” say it for themselves making them look like they know what is happening.