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Brutal Police in Australia Assignment

Hello, for my presentation my issue is about the brutal police throughout Australia. The actions of the policeman throughout nationwide have been an uproar. Australia are known and seen to have very brutal police men. Policeman who have been put in the publicity to be known as brutal from their wrong decisions, should they even be allowed to proceed in their job? I don’t think so! It’s horrible what stories you here from our local policeman and how they can just get let off so easily.

If they do something wrong why can’t they lose their job and get treated the exact same as what a non-policemen would get treated like. I’m pretty sure if someone killed a guy with a Taser they would go to jail for life and not get let off easy. The most seen incidents from the police are mostly happening by the king cross policemen of NSW. The recent episode that happened april last year was two policeman shooting at joyriding juveniles in Sydney’s CBD. Gerry Georgatos Sydney’s Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) held a rally outside the NSW state parliament in protest.

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The two young boys, they were seen by police and then crashed onto the foot path from the policemen shooting at the two indigenous boys who were sitting in the front too try and “slow down the car” wounding at their arms, chest and neck. The policemen then aggressively dragged the boys out of the car onto the foot path to an extreme abusive state while kicking them on the ground. Hundreds of angry protesters blocked off half the road in front of the NSW Parliament in a protest against the police shooting and bashing of two unarmed Aboriginal teenagers.

The rally, initiated by the ISJA, demanded an independent public investigation into the incident, which had been filmed on mobile phones by stunned bystanders. Many young Aboriginal people and other high schools students braved rain to join the protest. Also Popular Aboriginal boxer Anthony Mundine joined the protest. The teenage aboriginal boys were pretty much unarmed, cornered, trapped … and the police opened fire at point blank range – to kill. This is only just one example of the police who are dealing with situations way to extreme and way to deadly. The king cross police now have a label for themselves to be killers.

Mr Mundine the professional boxer who came to help protest had visited the 14-year-old driver, and said the police officers who shot six times into the stolen car should be investigated for attempted murder. The actions of NSW police in Kings Cross, and for all the world to see, and the five police related deaths this year need to get some scrutiny. It appears police brutality is out of control Australia-wide. People do not condone the stealing of the car or any criminality however shooting them is not on as there were young teenagers in that one car, aged as young as 13.

Western Australia’s Nyikina rights advocate, Sofia Mirniyinna echoed these sentiments. “In WA police are now disobeying their own protocols, and a police chase which was unauthorized slammed into the car of 50 year old mum and her 16 year old daughter and killed the mother. Coppers have to learn real life is not some television cartoon or ridiculous cop show where they can go wild on a chase. Not every crime is worth going wild over it. It is disturbing by the images of police officers dragging out the youth from the car, who had been shot and then were allegedly punched.

The driver had been wounded by gunfire twice, in the chest and in the shoulder. He was dragged from the car. He did not appear to resist arrest however the police officer is seen in still images laying into him. Footage from the Kings Cross incident shows the dramatic arrest of the wounded driver and passengers from the stolen vehicle and of a police officer punching one of them. A police officer unleashed a series of blows to the head of a teenager bleeding from a bullet wound to the neck during the brutal arrest.

Footage shows all of this!! and the footage even shows one of the policemen roughly kneeing the wounded teenage in the back as he was being handcuffed, all these moments after he was dragged from the vehicle. There have been 5 recorded deaths from the NSW police from January 2012 but let us not forget the tragic death of Brazilian Roberto Laudisio Curti at the hands of six police. The tourist did nothing and was tasered to death. And he was being pursued as a mistaken identity over a stolen packet of biscuits.

He wasn’t just tasered, video shows the police slamming his head into a shop window. His death should have led into a Royal Commission into our deadly NSW police. Bystanders stood by seemingly stunned. Mr Curti was tasered nine times and up to three cans of capsicum spray were used on his face during a struggle with several officers after a chase through the Sydney CBD in the early morning. He was harmed and brutally abused to death by the police for thinking he had stolen 2 packets of biscuits while having a psychotic episode after taking the hallucinogen LSD

Ms Jerram said many of the police involved had resorted to actions that were “reckless, careless, dangerous and excessively forceful. In my eyes police that are taking advantage of their job and thinking they are dealing with situation in the right manner, need to be looked upon. The policemen in australia, but as from the examples I have mentioned are the policemen from the kings cross area of NSW obviously need to be seen as guilty in a result of losing their jobs, avoid further deaths and to stop the dangerous environment of australia.

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