The British National Party Should Not Be Allowed To Stand For Public Election In The United Kingdom - Assignment Example

The are many arguments debating whether or not the British National Party should be permitted to stand for public election in the United Kingdom. I am going to analyse and discuss this litigious topic in order to appraise what I think after exploring and considering both sides of the argument. To begin with, many people argue that they should not be allowed to stand for election because they are repulsively racist and practice fascism. On the other hand, supporters argue they have as much right as any other party to stand for election.

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So is the British National Party a brutal, callous and xenophobic political group or are they a group of people trying to preserve British culture? Firstly, many people argue that the British National Party would like to return all members of ethnic minorities to their motherland if they came into power. The British National Party believes that people from other countries have come and settled in their land, in their territory, in their homes and that they have rights over who should and should not be in their country. They believe that ‘multi-racial society doesn’t work’.

As quoted by Nick Griffin. Griffin- is the leader of the British National Party. He said this in a recent documentary. However, a March 2006 survey showed 90% of Londoners said that they like London’s cultural diversity. This shows that people are happy with diversity. So many people argue that the British National Party is iniquitous in making false assumptions to distribute hate amongst different races. Various critics argue that the British National Party is obviously trying to destroy the admired multicultural societies of the United Kingdom.

Conversely, supporters of the British National Party believe that they are preserving the culture of their land. They say that there are too many non-white people in their society and that they see more people from other countries than they do of people who are inherently from the United Kingdom. They argue that these people have stolen their jobs by immigrating into their countries and taking away their work. Yet still, the government is declaring shortages of workers. They believe that the current government is imprudent, inconsiderate, and credulous to allow these victims of poverty in to their country.

There is a recognisable proportion of non-whites in the country; the official government statistics show that the percentage of Blacks/Asians altogether is 5. 6% in the United Kingdom. On the contrary, many institutions such as the Unite Against Fascism group argue that the British National Party is a Nazi organisation. The Nazis were vindictive fascists. The Nazis attempted to annihilate out entire races of people. The Nazis believed in the loathsome Aryan race The Standards Board for England and Wales has officially ruled that the British National Party could be called a Nazi Party.

They are also known for the denial of the inexcusable, blood-curdling and ghastly endeavours during the holocaust. Griffin was convicted for disseminate racial hatred. It was in a British National Party magazine that he denied the horrifying reality of the Nazi Holocaust. This leads people to believe that the British National Party is a threat to the stability of the country and we risk another holocaust if they come into power. Do you believe that people with this sort of attitude towards the holocaust should be authorised to make an effort to rule the country in which we live in?

Alternatively, advocates of the British National Party argue that the United Kingdom needs a change in government. They argue that; the current government is taking too much tax off the public. The current government is not spending the countries’ money effectively. The current government cannot control immigration. The British Government is one of the world’s most taxing countries. The British National Party judges that these taxes are unnecessary, excessive, and preventable.

Many critics say it is time for a change in British Government and the British National Party believes that they can provide a competent change that would benefit the country. Whereas, numerous groups argue that the British National Party is a group of fugitives that need to be locked away because they are a danger to the public. They have been known to have vile, vindictive and volatile villains in their parties. Amongst their party there are gang rapists, murderers, drug dealers and thieves which have carried out and even been charged for some of the most unthinkable, abhorrent crimes.

I have seen the injuries and trauma in the eyes of victims of these racist thugs posing as politicians. After the riots of June 2001 in Oldham Searchlight decided to target Oldham. Searchlight had people in British National Party meetings recording and photographing what they were saying. Amongst the many attending the meetings; there were countless football hooligans; the football gang Fine Young Casuals; Gangs of Rapists; perpetrators of organised crime but not people that you would expect to find in a political meeting.

However, it is a shared opinion that the antagonism of the London Bombers’ enmity arose from bad leadership plus the activities and wars the current government involved itself in. Do we really need to involve ourselves in war on Iraq? Do we really need to kill thousands of civilians? Do we really need to be responsible for hungry orphans, whose parents slay occurred before their very eyes?

Critics argue that there is need for a new political party with new methods because the proceedings of the current government caused innocent, vulnerable, young men to become soldiers in an unnecessary war. This caused a panic-stricken and distraught city! In spite of this critics of the opposite side say that there is a great amount of evidence that shows that the British National Party is a racist organisation, which want an all white Britain. They intend to achieve this using turbulent and ruthless violence, abuse, and torture.

Although there may be a few members that are a lot milder and have a considerable opinion, the vast majorities are all imprudent racists. They have gained authority in some northern areas, continually when they gain power over an area the racist activity in those area has a rapid rise. For example, Griffin and two other leading members are currently facing charges for incitement to racial hatred. The British Broadcasting Channel revealed some of their actions and attitudes in a documentary revealing the atrocities of the British National Party in this I saw how brutal and callous they were.

An example of the sort of things were going on within that party is when one man stated “I am gonna kill some nigga tonight” while holding a firearm in his hand. Despite this, many supporters of the British National Party argue that they have as much right to stand for election as any other party. They say this because although their racism is a lot more direct, racism exists in all the leading political parties. They argue that other political parties are known to be shockingly racist and have been known to torture people horrendously.

They maintain that they are more direct, open and honest in racial discrimination. Statistics show that four out of ten, of the United Kingdom’s leading political parties have been suspected and even been proven of taking part in severe racist activities. Nevertheless, many people do not want the British National Party to come into power because they are not considerate of the security of the public. The British National Party wants to demolish the income tax that would consequent the end of all public services.

Children of humble households will not be able to educate. Public schools are essential for the future of the country; education of the future generation is an investment for the future of the country. It would also mean an end to a health service: people of humble households will not be able to receive life-saving treatment. As well as this, libraries will have no funding; there will be no pensions. Also there would be no youth services, which could increase the juvenile delinquency rates.

Therefore we need the income tax to support our welfare state to keep our country stale and under control. Do you not think that our country needs the public services to ensure public well being? Our well being? The well being of our young? The well being of our elders? The well being of the United Kingdom? Finally, to conclude this essay, after carefully analysing and studying both sides of the argument thoroughly, I evaluated the debate. I have determined that I endorse that the British National Party should not be permitted to stand for public election in the United Kingdom.

This is because they are racist, fascist, malicious and injudicious group of people, they should not be classed as politicians because the are not involved in politics they are involved in bigoted bloodshed and slaughter. They are hooligans. Although there may be some worthwhile opinions in that group they would not be heard when associated with the British National Party, by respectful citizens of the United Kingdom. These opinions should be demonstrated in another way or new political party. In my opinion, they have no place to rule our diverse and congenial societies, because they would ruthlessly eliminate them.