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Bringing Change Assignment

It is indisputable that change is something that is hard to achieve unless adequate measures are employed. Many people and even organization would opt for status quo that to embrace change, which to them, is full of uncertainties and risks. Most employees, for example, are reluctant to the change because they are not ready for uncertainties such as lay off or salary cut. This means that when an organization is intending to bring change, it needs to put up measures that will convince the otherwise adamant employees about the importance of anticipated change.


John Kotter proposes eight steps that can be used to bring change. These include: establishing a sense of urgency, creating a guiding coalition, developing a clear shared vision, communicating the vision, empowering people to act on the vision, creating short term wins, consolidating and building on the gains and institutionalizing the change (Cameron, & Green 2012).

The best three steps that should be done is establishing a sense of urgency, communicating the vision and institutionalizing the change. This work will consider an organization intending to create electronic medical records and determine how it should utilize the three steps identified. By creating the urgency, the change agent would be in a way convincing the affected individuals that the proposed change is urgent and is real. Delaying the change will slow down and even halt the change process. When creating urgency, the change agent should describe why the introduction of electronic medical record is important and how it will benefit both the organization and employees. The agent should also show how the current process is full of pitfalls and disadvantages of the paper-based medical records(Cameron, & Green 2012). Example of some of the convincing messages for creating urgency include: the electronic medical records will reduce stress associated with retrieval of lost documents, little movement, easier tracking of the medical records, faster diagnosis and also little work. All these should convince the employees that indeed the new change is worthwhile.

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The next step that is important is empowering people to act on the vision (Cameron, & Green 2012). This can be achieved through motivation and proper communication. The people get empowered when their attitudes are changed and hence this step should be complementary with the first step. Concerning the introduction of electronic medical records, nurses and medical practitioners can be empowered through training, seminars and also by sponsoring them to workshops where they will be shown how easier and convenient the electronic medical records. In fact the nurses can be told that the future of electronic medical records is that they can work from home so long as they can access the organizational network system.

The last step is the product of the two and should entail institutionalizing the change. It entails maintaining the momentum set and ensuring that the initially set visions are achieved. This comprises of buying computers, setting up the infrastructure and network, testing the network performance and finally starting the electronic medical records.


Cameron, E., & Green, M. (2012). Making sense of change management: A complete guide to the models, tools and techniques of organizational change. London: Kogan Page.

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