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A Brief of the 1996 UEFA Euro Tournament and 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Assignment

The most famous footballer referred to in Passage A is George Best. He was honoured by having a documentary on television. The opening game of Euro 96 was held on June 8th at Wembley. Adam Sweeting comment “Not so much a football tournament, more another excuse for a round the clock orgy of comment analysis, name dropping, beer drinking and statistic swapping”. This quote explains to the reader that throughout the tournament football supporter, television commentators, journalist will be talking about the own opinion on the games over a drink in the pub or at home.

This opinion will be a post mortem or celebration depending on the result of the game discussing scores and techniques used during the game. The quote football and rock and roll implies that people look back to 1966 and the result of that tournament. The supporters all hope that history will be repeated in 1996 and England will win the cup. In this paragraph Adam Sweeting compares the English Supporter to the Germans, Brazilians and Italians. He implies that other countries supporters look to each tournament as a new tournament.

Whereas English supporters always look back on previous wins and do not give the enthusiasm and passion to win to the team. Adam Sweeting attitude to England supporters is a negative one he sees the England supporter using the tournament as a chance to cause disturbance and chaos. “Another excuse for a round-the- clock orgy “whist drinking beer. Adam also sees some of the football supporters as football hooligans. In Adam article he refers to them as “scumbag contingents”.

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This passage is about the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta where Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent won the first gold medal for Britain at the Atlanta Olympics. Steve Redgrave was subdued and peaceful until after the medal ceremony. In complete contrast Matthew Pinsent was excited and was showing how happy he was by smiling and punching the air. The event that affected the mood of this event was the bombing the morning of the race. Prostrate- This explains the exhaustion that Steve Redgrave experienced after his last race before retiring.

Calibrate- The word Calibrate describes the way that Steve Redgrave is likely to recap over the race. The figure of speech that is used in this passage is Allegory as the passage tells the eader of the article the entire story of Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent amazing achievement at the Olympic games of 1996. The purpose of Passage A about Euro 96 football tournament. Adam Sweetings opinion is a personal point of view on football. This passage is informative because the article gives the date and venue of the first game of the tournament. The passage seems to me to give a negative view of football and football supporters in the following quote, “Although a boot hasn’t yet been laced in anger Euro 96 is already the Grand Bore of Summer.

Adam Sweeting appears to be negative towards football and states that it is boring. Adam Sweeting uses the figure of speech “Antithesis “in the final line of the passage “So you think it’ll be over on June 30th? Dream on. This I believe to be sarcasm as Adam Sweeting in the beginning admits in the beginning he is “deep in gloom “at the beginning of Euro 96. The point of Passage B is it is an article giving an account of the Olympic Games in Atlanta Passage B is factual and an allegory of the victory achieved by Redgrave and Pinsent.

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