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Bomfire night Essay

It was the night before fireworks night.Me and my mum were preparing snacks for the party i was holding for bomfire night. The only reason i was having a poarty wasa because that we hade only just moved to swansea and me my dad thought it would be a good i dea to make some new frieds. But to me honest i would rather have my books. I loved my books, i read them all time.

Next day in school i recived some slips saying that people would not be able to come and few saying people would be albe to attend. Then i went in to english and there was a girl in my seat. She wasn’t wearing the crocet uniform, a black hoody, long black cords and wearing thick eye liner. I asked he to move in kind’s way possible. She did’nt move. I ran to the teacher and explaned to her…after all if i was found in the wrong seat i would be in trouble. And i dont want to be in anyones bad books! When the teacher came of to me seat there was noone there. I got shouted at because i lied to the teacher. But she was there. It was weired. When i moved out of the chair to sit down, there was anthor slip there. It said yes, But the botom right cornor was all burnied. I didn’t really think about it at the time.

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I arrived home about 4:00, the traffic on the road was really bad. It was raining, i think. Mum was still in work and day hade gone to new york for business. He prommised to pick me up a book. I put all snack out on the table. There was chicken legs,crisps,pineapple and cheese and sausage rolls. I hade a few tasters before mum came home.

The time went by ever so fast. First guets arrived and introduced them selfs. The was a boy called Sam, he was in my R.E class. There was also the girl who helped out in the libary, her name was lulu i think. All the guests seemed friendly.My mum phoned up my uncle to set off all the fireworks. When he came over we went outside and watched the fireworks. They were really good. all the colours mixing in the pitch black sky.

The doorbell went, i went and answerd it. It was the girl who sat in my seat in English. She walked staright in, she didn’t say a word. I couldn’t be bothered to talk to her, after she made such a big effort. I didn’t see her for a while after. We all went outside and stared to make a bomfire, it was geting really big. Then we set the last few fireworks up. Every seemed to be having a good time.

Then i looked up to my bedroom window was fire on my curtains. I ran in the house. I just assumed that a firework hade gone in the window. By the time i ran upstairs the fire hade spread to on to my worddrobe. I looked in all the rooms to check noone was in any of the rooms. There a couple geting busy on my mum and dad’s room. I couldn’t belive it. i shouted at them and the ran out, i checked my room, i held a jumper over my mouth, to stop me breathing in any smoke.

I busted the door open, and the smoke that greeted me was unbarable. But i could see a outline of a body. So i ran in and noticed that it was the girl from english again. She wouldn’t moved, i think she was inconshes. I grabeb her and but her over my sholider. As i left the room, i noticed that all my books were on fire. It made me feel quite ill. I ran downstairs, and i rembered that i hade a gas fire in my room and it wouldn’t be long until it blew up.

I told everone and we just ran trought the wood in the botom of the garden.The girl on my shouilder wasn’t there when i went to pick her up again. I thought she must of got up and ran her self.

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