Blacks vs Prestige and Diversity - Assignment Example

In reading “There’s no room for you here” I agree with Phillip Richards, high school students (especially the African American population) should not be given the sole impression that the college atmosphere is one big traditional happy family oriented institution. The colleges and universities need to make it known that these students are dealing with an essentially academically competitive, and meticulous upper class white environment. They should be made aware of the academic standing of the school, the social and intellectual differentiation between students and their socioeconomic classes as well as racial backgrounds.

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Although the social and intellectual gap can bridged easily with time, love and cooperation between different cultures, races and classes the fact still remains that black students coming into these elite, upper class, prestigious schools should not expect the change but be open to the possibility of change occurring. The college populace is a bit more diverse today than in was the past but, in order to really be diverse the universities have a long way to go because each college appears to have a target market and the same type of people are mainly getting accepted and attending the same colleges.

The ones that seem to be the minority are the students that fall into the statistic of students doing poorly because the subjects demand a high level of analytical thought. The colleges and universities that and center based around their world of the predominantly white America need to welcome black students with opens arms socially and academically as well to make them feel comfortable and not as like they stand out or are different in a condescending way.

Those should not be walls that separate or segregate black students due to the class or academic level but they should be the things that school such as Colgate use to bridge the gap between white America and black America this gives an equal opportunity for all to learn, succeed and become the best that they can with a quality education from a quality institution. The remedial black students need a chance to become prominent and prestigious in America, and with the diversity of the teachers’ styles of instruction that will be made possible since all people learn differently and at a different pace.

These types of integrations would make it possible and much easier for black students to develop both intellectual and interpersonal skills that white students convey in their professional lives. Another thing that I Agree would help is the welcoming of black students with student organizations because this will help the black students develop and gain leadership and or teamwork skills with a diverse group of people to help in their futuristic professional lives. Colleges need to be more diverse in their enrollment as well as their staff. The faculty needs to be diverse as well.

The faculty are the one that release the information to the students to enrich their learning and success in life so, the faculty need to be more diverse in their background, academics, as well as their There are many ways to improve this situation and improve the diversity in the world of white America’s colleges and universities in many aspects they need to change and become more welcoming to black students and their families, because the change will only help the students achieve their goals. One thing that still needs to happen is the faculty needs to be diversely represented as well as their backgrounds and teaching styles.

The faculty should be diverse so that they can teach to each type of learned and each student can receive the same quality type of learning and education. Philip Richard’s plan is effective for the fact that it will alleviate a lot of misconceptions that black students are lead to believe about the minority make-up of these schools as well as their academic competitiveness. Richard’s plan is not effective completely because it only works on the conception that black students have of the prestigious colleges and universities have a balanced .

The plan doesn’t deal with the barriers between social classes developing relationships and he interactions between races nor does it tackle the issue of making the faculty more diverse to be able to teach multiple cultures, race and backgrounds regardless of the social class. The main thing that needs to be diminished is the barrier between the prestigious white students, the black students who attended either elite or prep school and the black students who want to attend a prestigious college or university without that preparation in previous schooling.

One of the main things is all students need to be aware of the daily realities that take place at schools such as Colgate. The segregation among student organizations is a causing a socialization barrier. Student organizations need to be more open to all students and not dominated with white students but the groups should each be balanced in race, ethnicity and background.

I agree white prestigious colleges and universities should not be misleading black students during visit days, tours and recruitment about the academic competitiveness of the upper class white school because the black students need to know how the populace of white America really is as well as the minority make-up of the school. Philip Richards is right and these are things that need to change. If colleges and universities take these steps they will become more diverse and there will be room for a variety of races, ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures and social classes.