Biological Trace Of Migrations Of Modern Humans Around The Earth - Assignment Example

Human being who are believed to have been members of bipedal primates among the Homo sapiens. In this, different scientists have tried to prove this particular fact by coming up with various forms of theories and ideas that try to justify the origin of human to the current world on earth. In one of the research, the DNA evidence has proven that the modern humans came from east Africa in the last 200,000 years ago. In this statement, the paper will try to look at the ways in which the biologists have been able to trace the migration of modern humans around the earth.

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There are three major ways in which the biologists have been able to achieve this, these include; the check of the life cycle of the modern human, the diet that the modern human take in the today world and the study of the physiology and genetics of the human beings on earth. With these three points, the paper will then come up with the ways in which the biologists have been able to trace the migrations of modern humans around the earth.

Physiology is the actual figure of the human being or any other living organism on earth, and these are usually determined by the genes of an individual as the sizes and shape tend to vary considerably. With this, biologists have in result concluded that the modern humans were sometimes back the present chimpanzee, and this, has been due to some of facts that the have found out to be of similar to that of the chimpanzee only that the ones in modern human tend to be still on transition.

Basing on the physic of a human being, the hands used for the manipulation have over the years been related to the upper limbs of other animals. None the less, the presence of the hair as well as the hair follicles all over the human body has been one of the identification of their origin in the modern earth. Other than that, the completion of the human being has been though out to e as regard to the type of weather in which one is based in. other than that, they take it that all living organism were black although this depends with the amount of melanin in ones skin.

On the study of the life cycles that a modern human goes through his lifetime, the biologists have proved that it is identical to that of other mammals and thus disqualifying the fact that the modern human is descendant of the chimpanzee. This is clear when they are all born by their female species and live to give birth to other, of who have been migrating to other lands around the world. This is the food in which people feed on. Modern human are known to be omnivorous in which they are capable to feed on both plants and animal.

In this, it tends to disqualify the originality of a human being from chimpanzee as they do not fed on animals but rather on plants only. In this, the biologists have been capable to rule the historical believe about the migration of the modern human on earth.

In conclusion we can say that, as much as the historians are fully convinced about the originality of modern human to be from chimpanzee, biologists still dispute the fact as they believe none of the animal can originate from another as the life cycle of each animal is undependable to itself and not connect to the other in which ever way.

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