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Billy Rose Essay

The next day after the football match At Bristol ground, I couldn’t believe how I had just left Billy Rose on his own out on the street. When I was lying stiffly in my bed I kept on getting flash backs of george morgans fatal last blow to Billy Rose, and then Billy flopping to the floor. Still after 20 years of forgetting the match I could still see this picture of the fight and Billy Rose still crystal clear in my mind. When I saw him all these emotions came flodding back to me.

When I got my self together I stumbled out of bed and wandered to the bathroom, when I was in the bathroom I stood by the sink looking at my self in the mirror. Then I thought to my self how lucky I was, and how I took my sight for granted, when me and a lot of other people took some one sight away from someone, when we knew he had already lost we were cheering on for him because we wanted to see more. In side my self at this time I felt hate for my self and how was I so stupid to keep on cheering when we knew he had lost the fight.

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I was thinking to my self I wonder what he would be doing now, all off these bad thought came to me like he could have been dieing he could have been killed and all those kind of things. I slowly walked down the stairs thinking of him, and then it came to me, for once why don’t I go and help someone. So I quickly ran down stairs had a bite of breakfast, and then got changed in to any clothes I could find. I ran to the car and was trying to get the next train to Bristol. I got to the train station all excited because I was helping someone and I have never really helped any one before.

My train slowly pulled up at the station. I sat down looking forward to see Billy again. Suddenly I was having all these doubts like what will he say to me when I see him will he tell me to go away or might he not be there any more and I was thinking that I could have been painful for him recalling all these memories. But I still went to Bristol not knowing what was going to happen. I stepped of the train and started the walk to the Bristol football ground where he was last time I saw him.

I eventually got there and in the distance I could see I small figure slouching in the corner begging for money. I carefully edged Billy and I wasn’t too sure what to say to him when I saw him. I got to Billy and looked down at him and said ‘Billy do u remember 20 years ago your fight, I saw you last night at the football game and I was to sheepish too come up to you. I felt very guilty for not coming up to you, and I was just wondering if you want to talk about any thing or if I could help you in any way. ‘

I said hesitantly No I don’t need any help just go away’ he said stubbornly I tried to persuade him to come for some tea and he told me to go back in a few minute and he will so I wondered aimlessly and waited for a few minutes. These minutes felt like took hours because I really wanted to talk to him about loads of stuff and it was the excitement of helping someone. I waited about ten minutes then came back to see Billy at the end of the road packing up his clothes and wondering off. I knew that he didn’t want to talk to me so I didn’t bother going run after.

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