Bible Dictionary Study for the Word Freedom and Death - Assignment Example

In both the Old Testament and New Testament freedom is liberty as opposed to slavery. The Old Testament knows freedom only as a social state. The freedom stands in opposition to the slave. In the article freedom is used to describe the people of Israel when they were trying to become free. Israel was trying to do away with slavery and turn the people into have a free place to live. Israel was in the order of God’s servants and the language used to describe this event is that of redemption, not of freedom. The article also says the tradition of a year of freedom may be subject to some theological development.

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The article also speaks of freedom in the Persian War as a defense of freedom and law against despotism. The connection of freedom and God also has a long tradition in the Greek and Roman world; there was one clear standard definition of “freedom” which was doing whatever one wants to do. The relationship of state structures and freedom did not, however, fail to attract its own discussion, and “freedom” was frequently employed as the central slogan in political views. The article basically is describing how different groups viewed how the word freedom should be used in certain events the arise.

Some places looked more in-depth at the word freedom and others just took it as one can do what one wants. Deuteronomy – 6:20- in these scriptures Gods uses a language towards his servants not of freedom but of a changing of how things would be looked. This way of looking at the word had some development to do as the way they look at the word at this time based on the article. God told his servants to use the word freedom as a word of redemption rather than say just saying freedom. In these scriptures, the word freedom is looked at in a different way and not the way I would think the word means.

It is said in a more technical form when described in these scriptures. Exodus 21:2- In this scripture about freedom, the Hebrew terms of the word freedom are often discussed of slavery and manumission. It mentions that in this scripture that it is mainly describing a person who gains freedom through the end of slavery. The word free stands in opposition to the word slave because of when a person is saved from slavery they are known as a free person. In this scripture, it is describing the word freedom by how the people who were slaves became free after being done with slavery.

In collusion, the word freedom can be written in many different texts depending on how one wants it to mean. In this article and some of the scriptures, it talks about the end of slavery being a meaning of slavery. Then in other terms they term the word freedom in a more complex meaning. One can only term the word freedom in a way he feels like it should be meant. In the article one scripture says freedom is a meaning of redemption and then another puts in a form of and ending of slavery when the people gain freedom from the ending of slavery. Death

The Old Testament say the word death occurs when a person forces are know longer around and are gone. It says at death a person is returned to God. With the removal of a person from being alive, a person is deprived of breath, and the ability to move and the ability to see others. In the article, it describes how the obedience to God during life may lead to a long life while the Sin might lead to a fast death of a person. It mentions that in Israel the people assume that sin was the cause of death. Israel says it is the lot of creatures. During the article it follows the people in a town named Sheol.

It describes how death only existed in shadows of their former selves. It says Gods power was in Sheol, but was not there actually. People in Sheol could not praise God. People mourned for death by tearing their garments and putting on sack clothes by sitting on the ground and covering their head with dirt or ashes. The thought since the dead had no power there was no need to fear them or worship them. People there would cut themselves to disguise oneself so one could be safe from a dead spirit. The people thought the people who were dead were unclean and were cut off from life.

They belonged to another group and could no longer help or harm those that were still alive. While death was viewed as the natural end to life, it was hardly something to be eagerly anticipated. It says death could be good if it came at the end of a long life and to a man who had children who carried his name. If a man did not meet this criteria, death was an awful life. Death was often referred to as sleep typically a sleep from which one would not awake. 1 Samuel 28:3 – In this scripture it talks about how the death knew nothing and these people were completely cut off from anything that had to do with the world.

The people in Sheol were under this way of thinking. This scripture is mentioned during the reading. Whenever someone died, the people just wrote that person off. It was like being dead was a bad thing and that a person meant nothing when the person died. Genesis 15:15- In this scripture of genesis, it talks about how a person life determined how a person was viewed at death. If the man lives a long live, he is considered a good man. Also if he has children, and they bare his named he is also considered a good person. If a man does not have this, than he is considered an awful person.

One how died premature, violently, childless, or without proper burial was to be a pitied person. The way a person is viewed after death is all determined on how the person lived his life. It also mentions that a person could be dead in a since before the person is actually dead due to that persons way of life and what the person had done. In conclusion, the article mentions death in a way a person today may not be able to relate. The people then were much harsher towards a person who did not lead a good life. A person who was then could be thought as a bad person for not living a long time.

Anytime someone dies today, we think of it as a great lose in most circumstances. While back then, anything much less than perfect and you were thought of has a bad person at death. After reading this article, I think today many people take death for granted to a certain point. When I read this article, I saw how good a person had to do the right things in order to be thought of has a good person at death. I feel sometimes today that people take things more lightly than they should and that we all should take things for granted.