Best and Worst Places on the Planet - Assignment Example

The most memorable place that I have ever been to was my holiday to Kenya. It was the most enjoyful five weeks of my life so far. The reason I remember this was because each day was exciting. I stayed at my auntâs house, which was massive, with an enormous garden.

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I remember this one particular place called âSimba Unionâ, which was a cafe where you could go to eat and relax. We ate in a âShambaâ, which was a small, round, hut-like building, with a straw roof and windows. Just outside was an outdoor barbecue that we could use to make burgers. Nearby was a huge cricket pitch with high stands and statues of famous Kenyanâs. Next to the cricket pitch was a football pitch where I played on. The pitch was nothing like those in England, it was hard, sandy and made on red soil.

We visited the biggest safari park in Kenya. It was amazing. It was completely new experience to me. Iâve heard people talk about safaris but having never visited one I was surprised. I was able to see live animals up close both in the wild and together in cages. This trip was the first time I heard a lion raw in real life, and was taken by surprise by how loud they can actually raw. Seeing the monkeys jumping from one place to another, hearing the elephants thumping their feet making loud noises, seeing really how big giraffes really are put a smile on my face.

Another place that I remember from my time in Kenya was âTurtle Bay Hotelâ in Mombasa, which had the most beautiful beach and scenery Iâve ever seen. I remember waking up and looking out of the balcony at the view. It felt so peaceful as I looked into the distance, overlooking the beach and Indian Ocean. You could also hear the birds sing in the morning and see the coconut trees shed leaves at night. The beaches there were made of white sand and were so soft you wish you could walk on them every day. Because the sand was so soft, it was easy to build sand castles, but very hard to run on!