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Best Solution to Reduce Electricity Charge Essay

Recently, many friends have asked me that why I pay so little electricity charge these months, your payment is always thirty or forty . I am proud to tell them that I use a very popular energy saving LED lamp now, now compared to the previous day I can save more than ten electricity bill each month, I must turn on the lights in the house every day, because the rent house light has the same limit light as others. So the invisible waste a lot of energy and can’t take charge, I was lucky because I accepted good friends Jack’s recommendation.

I used he energy saving and environmental protection floodlights t two month ago. Thanks to it, my house is not only decorative more beautiful than before, but also saved dozens of electricity compared to the past each month! On my suggestion, a lot of my staff began to use the LED and satisfied very much, we can choose different styles of lamps according to the different demand ! Now I’ve so like this trendy products that began to study it!

Since The original LED lamp came out ,we has gone through forty or fifty years, LED flood lights as the fourth generation lighting products adapt the light-emitting diode lighting, because LED lighting is used in DC drive, LED floodlights consume less electric and produce more light, electro-optical power conversion close to 100% result in the same lighting effects, more energy-saving than traditional light source above 80%. So why do we use LED floodlight every month and save twenty or more electricity.

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A lot of my friends have myopia, mostly teenagers do not pay attention to use eye, in fact, What lead us myopia the fundamental reason is that face stroboscopic energy-saving lamps or incandescent lights, especially when the voltage is instability we can feel sometimes light sometimes dark, there’s no doubt this undoubtedly give us eyes brought deeply stimulation, LED floodlights has good solution to this problem, because it uses the direct drive, the alternating current convert into direct current, so that the light is not flashing and infrared and ultraviolet phenomenon, light is stability and soft, neither produce electromagnetic interference, so the LED flood lamp can make best use in the departure lounge.

Place, above all LED floodlights contain none heavy metals such as mercury,which is no longer flow into the atmosphere and water, but incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps traditional contains small amount of heavy metals! relative to other lights the most unique local irradiation range and higher definition ensures LED floodlights can be applied in illumination in special high-altitude dangerous operation and operation table and football field or basketball court.

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